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am i a sucker for pain?H

Hello out there ! Tomorrow i?m going start my first try at the fat fast , and i?m aiming for the whole six weeks! My question is basically this: what about doing chads abbh but cutting volume in half and doing five instead of ten seats apiece m , w , f ? Tue , wedn, sat cardio 30-45 min with sundays off? Or should i follow the program thats outlined for the fat fast. I would like to have some suggestions and opinions on this topic! b/w bracke

you must be! Good luck though!

Fat fast is something i’d try, given i’d been driven insane and i wasnt afraid of supplementing T mostly cause im female. Although I know me, and i know my limits, I dont think i could hack it past 4 weeks max, especially now that I gave my metabolism a kick start.


another thing about the fat fast how did you people take your shakes and the flax from wake up and onwards during the day? what about pre-workout , and post-workout? thanks bracke!