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Am I A Nut? (Rib Injury)


Had a really good late summer, fall bulking up season - was able to put on 12 lbs from 172 - and still only moved my body fat percentage up from 16 to 18. So those are solid gains.

Now however, I injured my right rib cage doing lying triceps dumbell extensions (its an intercostal tear).

Hurts like hell - and I have not been in the gym for three days -

I think I may take the week off - but I am going nuts thinking about how I could lose what I just put on -

I know it makes no sense to lose everything in one week - but I need some sort of assurance a break is the right thing for me right now.

This thing we do really does mess with our heads


A regularly worked body can always use an extended rest to really heal up. Good time to jump up in weight is as soon as you start back up. All fresh and healed up.

Plus if you don’t heal up your injury your workouts will suffer. That will really get into your head. Heal fast and stay strong.


I know how your feeling mate having to do the same at the moment but for a much longer time…however what im doing is working around it as much as possible! i dont know what you would be capable of but perhaps you could train legs using machines? ie curls extensions, leg press, donkey calf.

However, it is only a week so im sure the rest will be ok.