Am I a Neurotype 2A or 2B?

I want to buy one of the training programs, but I find it really hard to find out which type I am.

I am very good at reading people.
I usually change my whole personality depending on the person I am with.
I don’t easily fall in love, but when I find the right one, I dive very deep and very hard into the relationship.
I prefer one-on-one situations or very small groups.
Most people I meet think I am an extravert, but I definitely feel like an introvert and I need a lot of alone time.
I’m not a big fan of team sports, unless I really like the people in the team.
Otherwise I prefer to Sprint (100m) on my own, or go to the gym on my own.

When I read 2A and 2B I feel like they both apply as much to me. Is there a test or something where I can find out the difference between the two?

I have had a burnout after having chronic business stress for a few years. So my GABA may be depleted overtime acting more like 2B. But I feel like I do not need as much variation as a typical 2A description.

My good sir, there is, in fact, a neurotyping test on Thibs’ own site! It’s 51 questions long, you answer how you are (not how you want to be), and you will get a print-out of your primary neurotype as well as your “ratios” (I can’t think of a better term) that fall into the other categories.

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Thank you guys!
I did the test and came with these results:

Type 1A Total Points: 12
Type 1B Total Points: 102
Type 2A Total Points: 136
Type 2B Total Points: 117
Type 3 Total Points: 34

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Well there you go

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How do you get those kind of results, when mine are in % ??

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Anyone shed light on the different style of results?

It’s the same output, I converted yours to %s below if you prefer it.

Type 1A Total Points: 12 / 2.99%
Type 1B Total Points: 102 / 25.4%
Type 2A Total Points: 136 / 33.9%
Type 2B Total Points: 117 / 29.2%
Type 3 Total Points: 34 / 8.5%

Well you did the original post guys conversion, but I’m guessing thats with a 401 ‘total’ outcome number?


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