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Am I a Lost Cause? Can I Be Fixed?


And what would it have to do with the lifts decreasing? Are you implying you’ve been working out drunk without realizing it?


I may sound weird but the chicken was boiled in instant pot and I thought the sake alchohol was just simply chicken water aka chicken broth/juice so I drank the entire pot. Could this make a difference


No, Scott murray demonstrated that alchohol leads to decreased macro distribution and leads more cals to be stored as fat that glycogen or muscle and also says that it damages your cns and fatigues/decreases recovery of muscle tissue. Not sure if its true


Okay now please sit down and re read what you just typed.

Even if it was the case, do you think that the minuscule amount of alcohol you ingested could make a noticeable difference, acutely no less, in your lifting performance? Do you REALLY think that there are no people out there who drink AND lift AND have great results?

Whoever the fuck is the guy you mentioned who “demonstrated” that, please use some common sense when you read anything on the web. Make use of that thing you have between your ears.


For someone that knows fuck all about training, you sure are quick to whip out a study or a link to something that is contrary to what someone else has said.

But you still haven’t answered why there is another profile here identical to yours, which I linked up thread.

Maybe it’s time for @Chris_Colucci to take a gander at that.


You are a lost cause and cannot be fixed.


Are you eating the chicken raw?

*Edit- if you are, then the wine is a good thing
Also sake isn’t cooking wine


The longer this thread goes on the more it seems like the OP just wants an excuse to explain lack of progress when the cause is not being prepared to do the work.


I hate to give OP fuel to go on, but this is a myth that alcohol cooks off. Some of it does. Sometimes, an appreciable amount. But not all of it unless you are cooking for hours and hours. The only reason I mention it is because sometimes people will cook like a whiskey sauce - thinking all of the alcohol cooks off - and serve it to someone who shouldn’t be consuming any alcohol.

With that said though, OP, this is not the cause of your problems.


You are reading way too much into this, just train. If you train, you can drink beer and not get fat! How’s that sound?


The more I read the more I see the op has watched too much you tube and is worried about crap that amounts to nothing.
But I agree with the point your making. In my view point most new lifters who don’t see progress because it has less to do with their program or nutrition but something else that gets glossed over.


That’s not been my experience, but it doesn’t stop me from trying


nothing to add, but best of luck in whatever hobby you pursue next.


No, it’s never ‘super easy’ to build muscle. Even guys on steroids have to work hard to build muscle. Maybe this is where you are falling down.

It will be easier to build muscle due to your youth, but how easy it is to build muscle has nothing to do with how long you’ve trained, its actually more related to how much muscle you have put on. Someone who has been training for 10 years, but has been doing everything wrong, can still experience ‘beginner gains’ when they start doing things right.


Weird, 7-10 years has been my ‘magic’ period too for progress. we should do a study future noobs can use in their ‘hundreds of studies’ repertoires


I don’t know, ask this guy.





I haven’t read everyone else’s reply to this, but I would bet that this is the same wall everyone offering assistance here hits at some point or other.

There is no magic to it, training, particularly at the higher end of what you are capable of, is hard. It does require some degree of mental fortitude, but if you push through it, you will see the benefits.


I think that’s true for just about everything in life.