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Am I a Lost Cause? Can I Be Fixed?


Yeah it’s an area of interest of mine.

That being said, I want to express my surprise in finding that a person that is built like you are and has your stats and achievements doesn’t put that much thought into nutrition. That does put things into perspective.


Wait, you’ve changed the subject again. We’ve gone from nutrition for optimal performance to now just nutrition, period.

I’m pretty aware of nutrition, and I take consideration into what I eat. It’s nutritional for optimal performance that I’m not concerned with.


Omg, that’s what I meant!!! :joy: stop making my head hurt so much lol


You gotta understand the difference between optimal and good here. Optimal is the enemy of good.

I train and eat for good performance, because good is sustainable for MUCH longer than optimal. I save optimal for competitons.


I do understand the difference, I was just being somewhat simplistic for the sake of it, but I understand your point


Hey buddy. I’m a few months older than you. I’ll be honest here, because I really have nothing to hide — I almost killed myself a number of times throughout the last year. I struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts on a regular basis, and over the last year things got especially bad for me (sick 24/7, life was on hold, lost 30 pounds, lost a girl that was really close to me — twice!). Well, flash forward a year. I have a girlfriend who is 10 times better than she ever was, I figured out WHY I was sick (currently taking medicine to get rid of a parasitic infection, thankfully), and I’m putting weight back on.

Things get better, dude. If I can do it, so can you. Do 5/3/1, Starting Strength, or even just fix up your diet and keep doing what you’re doing. Throw in some chicken/milk/peanut butter/steak please. Seaweed salad is best left to Whole Foods hippies.


Nothing really, I just thought it was funny to see the mostly healthy foods and then a super sugary, processed cereal that you had so much of you you needed to note it.


Yeah I have found in the real world with training or nutrition. Good is allot more substainable than optimal.


All my maxes for lifts probably went down but heres what I think it was a couple months back.
DL:300 bad form I think
Bench: 150ish


Those actually aren’t bad.

Have you ever done anything athletic like track, wrestling, cross country, etc.?


It’s a variation/mix of the alpha M. Guy on youtube. I do his warmup and then do an athleanx workout


Pyramid so usually 10,6,5,3


I tend to enjoy going to bed satisfying my remaining cravings. Aka save craving foods till end





So if a higher volume program has you gassing out, missing workouts, and becoming demoralized and you don’t know whether you’re more of a strength/explosive or endurance athlete, why not try lower rep work geared more toward strength than volume?


You’re a junior in high school (that’s all I gleaned; I didn’t read everything, which is definitely where all the best internet advice begins - after this I’m headed to vote!): eat some decent foods, but don’t be terrified of a cheeseburger, lift some weights, and play some sports. If you’re covering those bases, you’ll be good for life, and might accidentally have fun.


Holy I just found something out that might be a solution. POSSIBILITY. Not saying its certain
I’ve been performing really bad in the gym and body weight has been increasing and I just figured out that the chicken breast I eat daily is made with sake(cooking alchohol). Could this be why my lifts have been decreasing but body mass increasing?


probably not, no


It could be, but Occams razor suggests that’s not the answer.


I think it may be time to concede that you are a lost cause.

Unless they are soaking the chicken in alcohol after it is cooked then the alcohol will cook away when they cook the chicken.