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Am I a Lost Cause? Can I Be Fixed?


Find who told you that and stop listening to them.


And then…


I laughed really hard when I saw this. It just completely caught me off guard.


So it’s still super easy to build lots of muscle due to my youth?


Hundreds of researches? If that was true, bodybuilders would have basically a linear muscle growth potential at a CONSTANT rate, which isnt possible

Heres an article


What’s the matter?


Why are most of your workouts sluggish? This could be a huge factor. Muscle and strength doesn’t come easy to those who don’t put in large amounts of effort on a regular basis.


Yeah no, you might not have wanted to do that. Just a heads up since I assume your new on here. Make sure before you post back to someone on here you have a general idea regarding that person background. If your wanting to get in a debate with someone your own age and experience level that’s fine. Other wise you run the risk of coming across as a smart ass or just someone whom is trolling. Espesically since your the one looking for free advice.


As far as online communities go ours tends to be pretty good at recognising when a young person is just being young and give them some leeway. A scolding maybe, but still somewhat lenient. Good advice nevertheless.


Oh that wasn’t a scolding on my part… :smirk:That was a friendly heads up for his own benefit. Ask my sons I don’t do scoldings I chew full ass if I thought it was needed. If the op is seriously seeking advice he is starting to go about it wrong. You have been on this forum long enough to know that the wrong attitude will get someone new chewed up and spit out.


Yeah, sorry. Something was perhaps lost in translation. It’s clear to me that what you wrote was a heads up (and not a scolding).

I was simply remarking, somewhat out of band, that to my mind we as a community tend to not be as harsh against young people that come on here with a shitty attitude. Not saying we roll over and take it, but to me it has always seemed that we take age into account initially but if someone continues to display poor behaviour over and over again that consideration goes out of the window.


No need to explain :+1:


Kid, you are so young you could literally spend the next ten years in a coma and still have a decent physique before you were 30.

You need to think super long term with this hobby


Yeah, because those absolute extremes are the only 2 options. False dichotomies like that are what makes people think you’re a troll…


Hundreds eh? Name 20 that you’ve read.

EDIT: I’ll be more helpful. There is no doomsday clock that starts ticking the instant you pick up your weight. TIME spent training has zero impact on your ability to gain muscle, which is why your employment of bodybuilders are a false equivalency. The variable here is RESULT, not time. If you spend 20 years going to a gym and all you do is 1 set of 1 at 10% of your 1rm, you will still be primed for muscular growth when you decide to actually train effectively.

And this ALSO ignores the fact that, as you progress through your training, you’re going to learn what works better for you personally. You may be physically primed for growth at the start, but your lack of experience will hamstring you from making the most growth you possibly can. As you progress through your training, the biological factors may be turned down a little, but your experience and ability will be tuned in, and you’ll know how to maximize your time to your benefit.

I’ve seen significantly better strength growth towards the middle of my training time than the beginning, because I had better figured out HOW to train.

I have a feeling THAT’s what those “hundreds of researchers” probably meant :slight_smile:


This is absolutely what the problem is. The number one thing you need to be successful is the ability to be self disciplined. Yeah those last few reps suck, but they are the ones that make the difference.

If I were you this would be my number one priority. You need to develop mental toughness. Believe it or not it’s a skill just like anything else. Try these two things over the next month. Week 1-2. Choose something that you really enjoy (I’d recommend Reece’s puffs) and quit cold turkey.
Week 3-4. Take something you despise (maybe squats or deadlifts) (in my case it would be cardio) and commit to giving it everything you have.

I guarantee that if you can do these two things you will see progress. Your mind and the ability to self regulate is the most important skill you can develop.

Best of luck, but then again it’s not luck… it’s hard work, discipline, and sacrifice.


I dont know to be honest… like I cant really break a sweat and it could be my CNS and my brain but especially when I do squats or deadlifts, this “thing” keeps wanting me to stop and give up after like 2 reps. If I were to describe this sensation in a few words it would be: dreadful, sluggish,p**sy mind


Why would I want to troll? Theres really no benefit to either side and if I actually was a troll, why would I spend my time writing that big ass questions concerning myself?
No harm intended


Sorry that was an exaggeration, but what do you mean you got strongest at middle? After about 3-4 years?


I think it was a lie :slight_smile:

Around the 7-10 year mark I was seeing some awesome stuff. Got out of my own head a bit and really started pushing hard.