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Am I a Loser 'Cause.....?


Am I a loser because I hang out on T-Nation all day at work? Instead of doing my work and monitoring T-Nation here and there, I hang on T-Nation and monitor my work. Is there something wrong with that?

Surely I'm not the only one. Let's share some "at work" strategies for hanging out on T-Nation all day without getting caught.

This should be fun.


I am on here probably 7 out of the 8 hours at work, I just pretend I'm doing something else when anyone walks by; open another program and act like I'm "looking" for something


Nice Bro.... Glad to hear there is somone else out there like me. Do you think anyone get's wise to ya?


I work 12 hour shifts and T-Nation stays up the entire time. Then I go home and look here some more. I'm a BIG loser. I'm so bad, I got my wife hooked on here. I'm home now and have shit to do, but here I am. HELP!


You guys should appreciate the fact that you can check this out when you get bored at work.

When you drive a forklift all day outside there's not really any way for me to check stuff out...It would make the time pass a hell of a lot quicker for me!


Yeah, this is pretty much the only site I am on ALL day long. Like Bigragoo, I ususally work 12s and I have it up all day.


Oh we appreciate it. I'm on here at least three hours out of my work day. I usually just minimize the window really small so when people walk by, it's mostly blocked by me.


I've often said T-Nation should have an alternative "MS Outlook" look to it so it looks like e-mail or an office application!


Damn, what's your secret?


Mostly it's the pictures of Mrs. Push and friends...what about you?


I don't think anyone notices, and if they did it probably wouldn't really matter, there's nothing else to do....I hate my job, too boring (yes, it's possible)


I second that! Come 'on oh great T-Tech Wizards..........


Agreed. They tend to wake me up.


Well, when I first started working for the company I work for I had an executive cube

Executive Cube is defined as: A cubicle in which all four walls go almost to the ceiling and there is a closeable door.

Then I got super lucky and landed a for real office. Four walls, a heavy wooden door with my name on it and all.

Then our team got moved again and we were moved to lower level cubes with wall extensions (makes the walls higher) and we have a door. The only thing is that you have to maneuver your chair and yourself so you can close or open the door. It's hilarious.

I hate working in a cube.


I feel for those of you that work in cubicles. I would go postal if I was forced to be in one. Luckily I get to get outside for my job.


If I'm in the main office, its up constantly. Here I have my own office, one step from a cubicle it sounds like, and we have internet. Field offices have no internet.


I hear ya...I work in a cubicle...but I make tons of home visits, out of town travel, school visits and all..so I get the best of both worlds. I get to check out tmag and be outside...not bad.


My name is rainjack. And I am a t-addict. I am self-employed which means that I have no one to hide my screen from.

If they had email here, I would never have to leave. But really, all my email is is a place to get PM notices from T-Nation.

I'm on all the time. I think 12 hours/day is sellng me pretty short.


Im glad to know I'm not the only one who's on here 12 hours at a time. I was beginning to think that it was problematic behavior.


Are there subliminal message on the site that hypnotise us? Why are we addicted? If we could only get paid to be on here.