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Am I a Good Candidate for Prohormones?


Hello, I just Joined T-Nation and i love all the info you guys provide. I have a question about prohormones. Basically i just want to know if i'm a good candidate for them. They are being banned so my nutrition store only has what it has now then they're done. So i just want to know if i should start now because i don;t want to miss out on a good thing. Let me give you my profile

I used to be 230 pounds(mostly fat) because i ate emotionally during high school, then i went to my library and book stores to educate myself on nutrition. I put myself on my own diet and within a year i lost 90 lbs(140 at 5'10 i looked like an ectomorph). Then i started to lift since i already made a strict diet habitual. In a year and a half i gained 22 lbs, still around 10-13% body fat. Right now i'm 23 years old, My diet consists of
Meal 1
1/2C Oat Bran
1/2C Wheat Bran
scoop whey protein
Tablespoon olive oil

Meal 2
6 oz Flank Steak
1/2 Cooked beans
Vegetables that consists of broccoli, spinach , tomatoes, basically all low glycemic fibrous vegetables
1/4 avocado

Meal 3
6 oz Flank Steak
1/2 Cooked beans
Vegetables that consists of broccoli, spinach , tomatoes, basically all low glycemic fibrous vegetables
1/4 avocado

Post Workout
6 egg whites
Scoop whey protein
1/2C cooked beans

Meal 4
6 Oz Chicken
6 Egg whites
scoop whey protein

Meal 5
6 Oz Chicken
6 Egg whites
scoop whey protein

They also include various spices , but nothing that includes massive amounts of sodium. I don't eat fruit or dairy products. I keep my calorie intake around 2300-3000. No sugar products, 35g dietary fiber daily, no high glycemic foods.

As for my exercise routine i weight train 5 times a week (two with my trainer) for an hour, each work out a different body part, mostly compound exercises , and i hitt train 3 times a week for 30min (usually on an empty stomach). Keep in mind i'm still new to weight lifting(only 1.5 years experience) i'm 5'10, again 23 years old.

Thank you for reading, I hope to learn a lot from all of you


Looks like you're doing well in terms of diet. If I read things correctly, you went from 230 lbs down to 140, and then added on 22 lbs of mostly muscle, so at the moment you're 162 lbs at 5'10". If this is the case, there's no need for you to take any hormones yet.

Keep on working hard with the weights and then in a year or two look into the real thing. While I'm not going to say that every prohormone or designer steroid on the market is crap, the majority of them are, and you'll be better off running an intelligent cycle of AAS when the time is right.


Which of the three are you?

TBH i opened this thread with the absolute intent of flaming... I was going to quote some crap you wrote and say 'yes, you are the PERFECT candidate for PH's'

But then the strangest thing happened.. i opened the thread and this kid who was asking about PH's actually trains regularly, knows how to eat for results and is mature and serious. That fucked up my plan to say the least.

I would say this.. if PH's are being banned again - firstly don't worry, some of the PH's that are closer to Testosterone (direct Pro-Hormones androstenedione/diol/nor, etc) were banned years ago now - but companies who knew the money to be made from hormonal supplements synthesized (or more accurately stole from old research material) 'new' ones that are a few steps away from more conventional steroids, which either need to undergo a few metabolic modifications to become active - or are anabolic in their own right but not previously considered for pharmaceutical use as the side effects were not worth the results. However ignorance knows no bounds and many kids have limp dicks and titties due to their under-educated use of said compounds and of course the immoral capitalist sales of the hormonal compounds.

I digress.

Basically, there will be more - don't worry about that. But more importantly, they tend to be low in results and high in side effects - especially when compared to AAS.
If you are serious about training and your performance or physique goals - and want to use hormones, consider 'real' steroids.
They are cheaper, more effective and better understood. There is much more to be gained with them and honestly if you want to use PH's due to legality, then you need to be aware you will need to illegally buy prescription drugs to control the sides anyway!

You should keep training and get to an intermediate stage in your development (which will last years anyway) before you try a moderate cycle, but in the next few years of training do some reading on Testosterone, Steroids, steroid side effects - and see if it's benefits with control over it's side effects is something you may want.

I made a personal choice to use them seriously and with commitment and quite honestly before that i wasn't making the most of myself. I personally believe that they should only be used by those who are deadly serious about what they want - as the lads who use, are big but are not as committed will only eventually lose their physiques and likely suffer ill health due to their recreational use of the drugs.

Good luck :wink:


I agree with Brook.

I can't thing of many reasons to use PH's over real AAS, especially if you have a good source and proper knowledge.


+1 all the way


I replied to your original post in the "ProHormones-All You Need to Know" thread.


thanks guys i really apreciate it, by the by I'm the one in the middle,lol