Am I a Candidate for TRT?

30 years old. Still making strength gains. Recent lab results show that everything is in normal ranges. But my free test seems to be on the lower spectrum. For instance:
Total test: 407. Results state normal range is between 160 and 726. I seem to be in the middle here.
Free test: 34.4. Results state normal range is between 20 and 96. So I am clearly on the lower end here.

If I need to provide any further info, please let me know. Based on my very limited knowledge in the subject, but taking into effect my ability to read the numbers and compare to normal ranges, I would argue that if I wanted to optimize my testosterone, I should look into TRT.

Any guidance here will be greatly appreciated. This outreach is not replacing a follow up with my doctor; that is scheduled for next week. I would like to know if I am on the right track, and what others might think.

Thank you.

what your diet look like ? Your training Week ? and your sleep ? Using suppléments ?

I have seen over the years men starting to notice symptoms when dripping below 500, libido reduction at first followed by erection issues dropping down to the 400’s and the major fatigue starting below this point.

You on the other hand have no symptoms and you are still making strength gains.

Am I a Candidate for TRT?

No you are not a candidate for TRT. Focus on your weight training and diet.

Diet is slight deficit as I’m leaning out. But I keep protein at a relatively high level consistently throughout the week. On training days I lower fats and up the carbs, and I reverse this on rest days. I train for around 4-6 hours per week. Sleep is anywhere between 6 and 8 hours and very rarely below that range.

I also have experienced super results when taking Alpha Male. Like an almost immediate shift in muscle composition but not so much in the libido compartment. I suppose I am thinking that such a response points to the possibility my test is on the lower end. Shouldn’t I be in the 500s, as one of the members just replied?

Oh, and supplements include pea protein, vitamin D, k2, magnesium, ashwaghanda and maca powder Monday through Friday. I take a break from the supps every weekend.

At your age, what made you think you needed to have testosterone levels checked?

Reduce your training volume and frequency ! Focus on rest and see how it goes