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Am I A Candidate for TRT?

I am planning on running a cycle of testosterone but was Curius if people think TRT May be a better fit. I do have reservations about being on TRt presumably forever at such a young age. I did get labs done and they did say I would qualify for TRT based especially on my low free test. I still feel like I’d rather do a cycle first and see how that goes but would love some feedback.

I’m 26. here are my labs:

Testosterone: 406

PSA: 0.5

Estradiol: 29.3

Hemoglobin: 14.7

SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin): 47.2.

Free Testosterone: 6.58

Please provide units and ranges.

I’ve included the lab results document below and added to original

Do you know why you are low free t?

You need more comprehensive labs.

Unless you have a solid reason that your testosterone is messed up, like steroid abuse early on, you need to see an endocrinologist to do extensive test.

There are diseases that can cause low testosterone.

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Running a cycle will not do you any favours. Not past a couple of weeks, anyway,

Why is that? Are my natural levels really that low?

And I have never cycled or used steroids

Your levels are crap for a 26 year old. Your SHBG is quite high, and so is your E2. Your free T must be almost non-existent. A cycle would serve only leave you with even lower T afterwards, possibly for the long term. You have nowhere near enough info to make an informed decision. How about CBC, Vit D, homocysteine, cortisol, hematocrit? Go see an endo, or at least somebody who will order a bunch of bloodwork so that you know whivh direction to look.

I don’t see free T on the lab snapshot.

If the number you posted, 6.58, is in ng/dL, then that converts to 65.8 pg/mL which is actually quite good, and even a bit high.

Yes they are low. Are you on SSRI, barbiturates, opiates, hair growth meds, and etc?

Yah true but that’s lab Corp I think and they screw ranges anyways.

Not sure I understand this comment. A lab range is a lab range, but I don’t care who’s range it is. If his Free T is 6.58 pg/mL, which I seriously doubt, then he’s worse than a 200 year old man. If it’s 6.58 ng/dL, then that’s WAY above a a normal pg/mL reading in ANY lab range. Normal is usually up to 26-28 pg/mL or so.

The point is moot until the op can provide the units for this Free T reading. Again, I don’t see Free T on the lab snapshot he posted.

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The Free T was calculated by the clinician at the TRT center. Here is what the clinician wrote in terms of interpreting my results:

I have your lab results ready and wanted to discuss the results.

Testosterone: 406

PSA: 0.5

Estradiol: 29.3

Hemoglobin: 14.7

SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin): 47.2

*The SHBG allows us to calculate your Free Testosterone level. *

Free Testosterone: 6.58

For testosterone levels that come back between 400-600, we still qualify clients with a free T of 11 or under, so you certainly qualify for TRT.

If you start on treatment, your protocol dose will be 150 mg of testosterone per week, for the first month. Before the 4th injection, we will draw labs again and then calculate a personalized dose for you. In addition to the testosterone, I will start you on an estrogen blocker because the estradiol is starting at 30 pg/mL.

Does this help clarify? Can anyone provide insights thanks!

This is the best answer. You went to a trt clinic. They are putting a 26 year old on trt without fully investigating.

They didn’t even take prolactin, LH , fsh.
You need to see an endocrinologist to do more testing. You need more labs. And after labs may need MRI of the pituitary.

I know you may be excited at the prospect of doing a cycle but you need to do this right.



Yup I agree with this guy.
Find a good hormone specialist and find the root of your problem. You are young. If you were 40 or older there’s no point just go for trt. Think about it. At 20 if you start trt it’s usually for life. You could live into your 90s and be on TRT for 70 years. Do you really want to put yourself through that? Sure things might change and get better , but where are the guarantees.

Do you have symptoms? If you don’t and want to cycle for body building reasons your better off visiting the pharma section on this board.

Right sorry confusing comment. I asked if he even has low t symptoms. I think that’s the question that should be asked becusse withour it’s unnecessary :slight_smile:

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Not really sir. I’m not trying to be a dick, but I don’t understand how they can calculate free T based on total T and SHGB. I don’t see albumin in there anywhere and that is usually required for a free T calculation.

I have a feeling that this clinic is going to fuck you up because they want a client for life. You should go to a qualified hormonal specialist and get a FULL and comprehensive panel run.

There are WAY better options at your age and you should exhaust all possibilities before you decide to start injecting yourself for the rest of your life.

Interesting, two weeks ago I got my labs back because I was feeling unwell and scored a Total T 406 and Free T 16 (range 6.8-21.5) and felt like my T was low which is why I ran labs. Most would tell you a Free T of 16, well above midrange is good, but it wasn’t because I’m biochemically unique, my DNA is different and my optimal range is unique to me.

Be careful, these Low T Centers may not always offer you the best TRT protocols, a lot of them force weekly injections in at the clinic, they care not about your independence. You will likely feel unwell on weekly injections if you are sensitive to fluctuating testosterone levels.

Ok I’m going to a different clinic next week to hopefully get more thorough testing done and a second opinion. I don’t think I have severe low test symptoms but perhaps mild ones. Moderate sex drive, sometimes low mood etc.

I have an appointment at another men’s health/endoc center tomorrow. In addition to getting free test and general test levels checked, are there other specific testing measurements/things I should ask for?