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Am I a Beast?


I know that no one cares about how strong a person is on the leg extension machine, however I usually do it as my first exercise during my workout to warm up my knees. I can do the entire 250lb stack with one leg for 11-12 reps.

I usually do not attempt this because it's murder on my shins, however I started using the pad that people use when doing squats for additional padding and it no longer hurts.

After leg extensions I usually do Leg presses and then Squats. I can usually do 10 plates on each side for leg presses, however I try not to go that heavy because I end up pinching something in the hip area.

Am I beast, or not really? I really don't see anyone do close to this on the leg extension at my gym. It actually makes my quads super sore.

  • Adam


Yes. Correct. Affirmative. You are THE man.


Hard to judge based on your choice of exercises. If you have to ask then most likely no, you are not a beast. If you youtube up a squat video I could tell you if you were a beast or not.


You are the man. would love to see some of your videos


Holy shit I knew it!



Well, since this is the BB forum, my judgment of whether you are a beast or not falls on your leg size, and not how much you lift.



I'd enter a single leg extension competition and find out. How the hell do we know what the best are capable of in that exercise?


Stick your dick under the whole weight stack and see how long you can hold it up.

The amount of time determines if you are a beast.

(forget about HOW this is actually possible)


Yes, indeed you are. Most likely the Tiger Woods of leg extensions.


I KNEW IT! I knew it that some day a chosen one will come and lead us all to one leg extension heaven!!!

Last time a guy came that way turned up to be nothing more then a mere smith biceps curler!


Yo you da man buddeh

Hi 5!




LMAO! A little bit of pee came out when I read that one...

It's like I pulled a sword out of a stone! I will post some leg pics soon. Just for curiosity sakes I challenge you all to see if you can top 250X12 with one leg. Please report back tomorrow.


  • Adam


i challenge you to post a video of this.


what are your other lifts?


pinky curl 300 lbs


I'm pretty sure you just have one of those machines with ridiculous leverages. I've been on a few of those before, it's pretty fun.


Hahaha shit this made me laugh.

To the OP, you mentioned your leg extension as well as leg press - what about the squat? I doubt that you simply forgot to mention it, Mr. Beast.


I bench about 345, I don't deadlift heavy because I keep messing my lower back up...although I don't squat with free weights much I could probaby do 500...I will post a u tube video soon, I'm pretty sure I'll be doing talk shows after that:)


the other day I did a set of 300x12 one-leg extensions. After the set I felt so beastly, I ripped my shirt off and started flexing my pecs at random cardio bunnies and then punched a kid squatting 225 to show I was the dominant male. I'm no longer allowed at that gym but its okay cause I know, deep within myself, that I possess the true mark of a beast.