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AM HIIT/lifting

hey folks…i was following the fasted state cardio thread a bit in the Dog Pound and i was recalling how well that has worked for me in the past. As opposed to afternoon/evening weight training and HIIT. My comparison was after 2 weeks i saw a big difference in fat loss doing the morning workouts as opposed to evening workouts that had verrry sloow results.

for you folks that HIIT in the morning…do you save your weight training for the evening? or do you do a full weights/HIIT morning workout and just eat afterwards? Would it be detrimental not to eat before a morning lifting workout?

If I have a HIIT AM session, then I do my weight training in the evening. If I’m going to boxing training in the evening, then I don’t perform HIIT in the AM. Sometimes I weight train in the morning and box later in the day.
This has worked for me just fine!

KC…How’s JoJo? Just playing with ya:-)

I am in the same camp as my top girl, Trish. If I’m cranking up the cardio in the morning, it’s probably because I’m not lifting that day. If I was hitting the iron, it’d be in a separate session. My preference–when both lifting and cardio are scheduled for the same day–is AM weights and PM cardio.

That said, sometimes the two demand to be done in the same session, due to time restrictions. Albeit very infrequently, the situation does arise. In that case, it’s a no-brainer: weights before cardio.