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AM Deadlifts

I just read the “cool Tip of the Day”
which stated that you should not do heavy bending exercises such as Good morninings and sit-ups. So how about Deadlifts. Are they not recommended early in the a.m. ?

Yeah, they’re not recommended but you can still do them. Just be careful and warm up your spine and lower back as thoroughly as possible.

Your discs fill with fluid as you sleep so you’re more at risk of a back injury first thing in the morning.

My am clients do them still though, I just get them moving a LOT first so they’re as prepared as they can be.

From what I’ve read from various contributors, if you do have to have an early A.M. workout, the earliest I’ve seen recommended is 1 hour after waking up.

I usually will comsume preshake and wait approx 30 min before heading to the gym. In the mean time while I wait I check out…T-Nation!!!