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AM Cardio + PM Cardio = Not Sleeping

Hey all,

Currently, in addition to lifting 4-5 times a week I started hitting the treadmill first thing in the morning (5:30/6:00AM).

I’ll start off at 6% incline and walk at a 3.4 mph pace for about 45 minutes, increasing the incline every 5 minutes, so I build into about 70-80% max heart rate and float around in that range for about 20 minutes then cool down.

At 223 lbs (+/- 2) I’m burning about 480.

I started doing this after work as well, so I was topping out at 1,000 cals burned a day, but I wasn’t sleeping very well because I’d get in bed around 9PM, and lay there staring at the ceiling past midnight.

My best guess says the cardio was “waking me up” because I’d get to work feeling more energtic and awake, so naturally I assume I’m getting the same effect at night.

Now, when I’m lifting (no evening cardio), I’ll do that after work, usually go to failure with chest one day, then back, legs, shoulders and a day for arms. My schedule usually forces in a rest day so I don’t plan one.

Quality of sleep is much better on the days I lift.

I’m thinking I’d like to take a few weeks off of the lifting and focus on burning fat.

So, thoughts on the cardio? Double up on the morning session or maybe do something with a higher heart rate in the evening (jogging)?

Any thoughts/help appreciated…