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AM Cardio Meals


Hey what do you guys suggest eating after morning cardio if i have only a cup of coffee and a half scoop of protein before? Are there any articles on this?



Honestly. Eat as your current goals and diet call for. Usually being a great time to get in those complex carbs (oats, fruit etc..) and lean proteins, eggs, dairy, meats, and of course as EVERY MEAL veggies.

Breakfast should be the biggest, and is, the most important meal of the day. It gets you going and has ALL day to be used.


normally i had a protein shake with oatmeal and peanut butter during the winter, but do i want to change that? will it offset my cardio?


Here's some good insights from one of my favorite authors: Dr. Lonnie. The article is specifically on AM cardio & nutrition:



thanks to ^

sounds like oatmeal and protein will do the trick. I'm asking because i have a spring break starting, with no vacation, and a week of no work in which i need to start the habit of morning cardio.