Alwyn's Lunge and Row Combo

Can anyone explain to me how this is performed? I just read about the workout demo he conducted at the Perform Better summit… been scratching my head over this particular movement.


Pick up a barbell(or two dumbbells),

Stand tall with your arms locked,

As you step forward into the lunge, begin pulling the weight upwards with your elbows pointed out,

Once you’ve hit the bottom of the lunge, the row should be at the top(upper chest/neck),

Then reverse the movement, control the bar down as you return to a standing position.

This is how I’ve seen the movement performed. I’m not sure if Alwyn was talking about upright rows, but bent rows would prove much more difficult.

Thank you!

I was thinking it might’ve been a lunge combined with a one-arm cable row… but your description sounds good too!