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Alwyn Cosgrove YOU S.O.B


Just started one of you programs and did the lower split today :
Squat 4x10
Romans D.L. 4x10
BulgarianSplit Squat 4x10 "asshole"
Step up 4x10
I threw in calf a 4x10

Looked at the program and thought not to bad, never did the split squat in my entire life, never swore at someone i don't know like this either. In my 20 years of lifting even two a days during high school getting ready for a meet my quads never tired like this. During my last set of split squats I was thinking about playing an irish jig on the pipes while dancing om your grave.
Then I tought how cruel to play and irish tune on a scottish grave. Sorry?

Nice training program looking forward to finishing..... cd


Are we back to the thinking now that if a workout is hard or makes you sore it is effective? If it is well here I will give you, for free, the best leg workout ever:


8 sets 15 reps 60 seconds rest

Leg press

8 sets 25 reps 60 seconds rest

Superset leg curls and leg ext

6 sets 15 reps 60 seconds rest

Hack squats

4 drop sets 25 reps a set.

Donkey calf, stand and then seated calf
6 sets 15 reps a machine


not nearly enough volume ... way too much hammy work ... try again


he's f*cking english you dimwit ... but you are right on the SOB part


That's FIFTY sets of leg work! You think you need more?

Also, I actually don't see enough hamstring work in there. If I were to do that workout myself, I think I would swap the Hack Squats for RDL's or GHR's.


You're not hitting the hamstrings nearly hard enough...personally I'd ditch calf raises and bang out your 100RM on the reversehyper machine in line with Christian Thibideau's (HSS-100 routine).


It might be 50 sets, but it's only 510 reps not counting the calve work. Compare that to jogging. Or at least try.

You can't.

A quick five mile jog takes less than an hour and crams in ~ 5,000 reps ... obviously superior.


I hope you're joking.

Jogging is for stick men and women.



This is just so misguided that I can only respond:




How am I supposed to work, if you guys keep making me laugh so much!?!



this is the worst thread ever


Is that why long-distance runners seem to be so jacked?




what program ?thanks


The Bulgarian, Romanian, and Assholian Program for Fat Loss


I'm a bit surprised at how few people think Alwyn Cosgrove is a son of a bitch. It's a no-brainer.


the link does not work could you post the program?thanks