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Always Using Chalk on Deadlifts?


I just want to know how often do you guys use chalk. I was doing deadlifts yesterday heavy for sets of 5, and decided to use chalk, it allowed me to perform alot better cuz the bar wasn't slipping out of my hands. Would chalk mess up my grip strength in the long run??


No. Chalk just makes it harder for the bar to slip. It doesn't make your grip any stronger. I also think it helps keep my calluses in better shape.

I pretty much only use chalk for heavy rows and deadlifts. I know people that use it for everything, but I don't see the point. Although, sometimes I will put a strip across my back when squatting or benching.


Only use any kind of grip assistance (like chalk or straps) if you are close to grip failure and your grip is limiting your working muscles.


In Starting Strength, Rippetoe says to always use it. He says it helps keep the skin dry and keeps problem calluses from forming. Seems to work since I've been using it over the past few training sessions.


im using chalk right now


Rippetoe is right. But if you can't use it, forgot it, whatever -- no big deal. But the other thing chalk does is insure your grip when there is sweat flying around or if you are the type of person whose hands get moist.


Well then Rippetoe is a pussy.


mkay, good to know.

"Chalk is important to good hand safety. It keeps the skin dry and tight, making folding under a load less a problem. You should apply chalk before you start training every day, for all the lifts. If you gym is one of those that does not allow chalk, for reasons of cleanliness or whatever, you need to reevaluate your choice of gyms."

(Starting Strength 2nd ed. p. 109)


I almost always use chalk, I also reapply it liberly between sets, that is probably more a mental thing but it deffiantly isn't hurting anything so big deal.

Chalk up, chalk the side of thumb and back of pointer finger to.


Most people I see chalk up are lifting kid's weights. If you fear not being able to complete the lift due to grip loss, chalk. But don't be one of those twiggy gym heroes that chalk up to deadlift 135lb.


yeah i normally don't need it for the first 1 or 2 sets, but then after that the bar practically starts hanging off the tips of my fingers, making it impossible to lock out.