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Always Training Raw


I've always said that I want to lift raw. Like even in the future, no matter how heavy my lifts get. I was wondering how possible this would be? I've had people tell me its not. I've never even used a belt, not that I need to but I mean I don't see why its not possible. Sure I might have to train more but it would be more rewarding to me.


uh.. why would it not be possible to lift raw at some point? look at modi of meat. there is no gear nazi that is going to come put a gun to your head.


Is it possible to lift heavy ass weight without gear? Yeah it is. Is it safe to maybe wear a belt when squatting heavy shit? Yes. Just be safe man... Kevin Garnett says anything is possible. Will it take time sure but so does everything else.


Sky's the limit.

I can for instance deadlift 455lbs with no belt; not trying to brag here =).
Everytime some douche walks up to me in the gym [sometimes even a PT, I know it's sad) and goes like: "Dood, you should use a belt, it's safer for your back!" I just tell them that I don't like the belt cutting into my abs (that actually makes me feel less stable) and that I enjoy the stability that sucking air into my stomach gives my spine. In my view, that's really all the stability you need.


I just mean like if I start squatting 600-700 pounds some day is it reasonable to say I'm going to squat that raw? No belt, squat suit anything? This includes benching too.


Obviously it will be harder to lift that much w/o gear, but you can lift raw at any level of strength.


Ok, I just wanted to know. I mean, I didn't know if it just got to hard on the body or something lol as dumb as that may sound.