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Always Tired?

I am tired. All the time. Not sure why. When I get tired, I can’t hardly stay conscious. When I’m in the car for more than 25 minutes, I get so drowsy that I start to involuntarily fall asleep. Regardless of how cold the car is, how loud the music is, I just straight lose it. I’ll wake up after a split second, but I have to pull over so I don’t kill myself.

When I’m at the office, working, I have to listen to college kids rehearse a script at me for about 8 hours. When they’re practicing, I can hardly keep my eyes open. I can’t think straight hardly because I’m so tired.

If I get less than 7 1/2 hours of sleep, I am in this state all day. While I was away at college, I decided to wake up every morning at 6:30, regardless of what time I went to bed. I usually fell asleep right around 10:30 to get 8 hours of sleep. After about two weeks, something incredibly bizarre happened. I would set my alarm the night before, and then wake up at 10, with the alarm turned off. I would have no recollection of waking up or turning my alarm off, but somehow it would end up off, and I would wake up hours later than I wanted. This bizarre occurrence went on for about a week and a half before I started waking up to my alarm again.

Don’t even get me started on food comas. I eat a chipotle burrito and I have to hibernate for at least two hours before I am cognizant again.

I literally have no fucking clue what is going on. My dad has offered to get me a prescription of Providgial, a mental clarity/focus drug, but I have no desire to take any prescription meds.

Part of me things it might be some kind of food allergy that just makes me drowsy all day, but I don’t know. Has anyone ever seen or experienced anything like this?

Sounds like mono. I would get a quick blood test from the doctor’s office.

Ru diabetic? What are you doing for training? How much food do you eat?

It’s not mono, this has been going on for about two to three years. And no, I’m not diabetic. Training is crossfit three times a week, as well as about 7 hours of brazilian jiu jitsu a week. On food, it depends on the day, but varies between 2500 and 3250 a day.

adrenal fatigue maybe

And what’s that?

Did i miss the part where you went to see a doctor ???

Try that, they would be better placed to help you…

How about you take your ass to the doctor and have some blood work done? Could be anything, from bot flies in you rectum to cancer.

adrenal gland overload. go see a doctor man, this could be something wrong with your thyroid or something dude.

Doctor would be awesome, but no health insurance. Hopefully will have some health insurance in the next month or two once i get re-enrolled in school.

Sleep apnea. Hormone irregularity.

Just throwing ideas out there. Obviously you should have went to the doc a long time ago. Or a sleep clinic.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Diabetes? Hypothyroidism? Depression? Definitely go to a medical professional, not just an internest but a specialist

Sounds like adrenal fatigue. Crossfit 3x/week AND BJJ 7 hours week is alot.
Better back off th training until you can see a doctor or you will be spending a long time repairing your metabolism.

Not a definitive check to prove you don’t have it, but if you live with another person or persons, have them see if they can observe you stop breathing while asleep.

That is sleep apnea.

When mine has been bad, symptoms were similar to yours.

That is not to say it’s the only possible explanation.

[quote]Tarrius wrote:
Doctor would be awesome, but no health insurance. Hopefully will have some health insurance in the next month or two once i get re-enrolled in school.[/quote]

Go to the ER and say your an illegal immigrant. They get free medical right? (That’s a joke)

/end tangent