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Always Getting Sore Adductors From Squatting

Hey all,

I wanted to ask whether it is common to get really sore in the adductors the day after squatting (low bar squat). The soreness may last up to 4 days. I don’t really get sore in the quads from squatting, but the soreness in the adductors is pretty bad, inhibits mobility and definitively affects any lower body workout done before it has completely gone away. It’s particularly severe when I squat in the 3x5 to 5x5 rep range, and I don’t seem to get used to it. I could squat the same weight for 3 consecutive weeks and would probably still get the same soreness.

Has anyone experienced this or found a way to prevent / alleviate this?

Thanks a lot in advance.

I get sore adductors from squatting. Sometimes its worse than others. Lately I’ve been paying extra attention to foam rolling the area as well as stretching my groin adequately before training. That loosens it up enough to not bother me at all while squatting.

The exact same thing used to happen to me. I focused more on pushing with my glutes and quads and now they just get sore like the every thing else. Try checking out Chris Duffin’s squat warmup. That seemed to help me a lot.

Also when I stopped reading Rippetoe’s squat mechanics it helped me. I still low bar but now I try to keep my chest more upright instead of leaned forward, push with both my quads and hips instead of just hip drive, and push my hips through like a deadlift rather than straight up.

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Everything he said!

-It used to happen to me.
-Too much groin, not enough glutes/hips.
-Follow Duffin/Coan/Alpha and what they say about bracing.
-Disregard Rip.

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Thanks for your replies, gonna check those out. I did like Alpha’s squat tutorial a lot, and I’m not the biggest fan of the way Rippetoe teaches the squat. I always do the Limber 11 (newer version of the Agile 8) before squatting and foam rolling afterwards. I hope putting more emphasis on the quads will help remedy this issue.