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Always Get Sick When Dieting

Long time reader, first time poster…

I have found that cutting carbs (between 50-80 a day) for a week straight, has the best effect for me. However, it never fails, I always end up with at least a cold or flu like issues at the end! It pisses me off because when I get sick I can’t lift, which means my lifting takes a back seat for two weeks. I don’t lift nearly as hard when I cut carbs, usually do mostly cardio, and I try hard as heck to get enough rest, but it never fails. I want to lose the gut, but clearly carb cutting is not the way to go.

I guess my question is, does this ever happen to others out there?

Nope, sorry. Why don’t you try cutting the carbs by less (in other words, keeping carbs low, but not that low) & just accepting that it may take a little longer to reach your goal? I think the ability to keep lifting hard should offset the extra carbs, especially if you’re mostly eating them early in the day & after a workout.

Also, take vitamin c, use a neti pot to keep your sinuses flushed, & drink lots of water.

Good advice Miss Parker; couldn’t have said it better myself.

Well, I will add…sometimes you have to push yourself past a tough point. Don’t let getting a little cold make you not lift for 14 f*cking days.

Honestly…I do continue all supplements during a cutting phase (protein, bcaa’s, creatine, etc)

It’s all good, I just need to find a new way to cut…I was just curious if it happened to anyone else…

It may not even be the carbs. Bodyfat is used by your body to insulate any toxic elements. So when you lose it, all that crap gets released, making your immune system weaker and more vulnerable to any diseases floating around.

So yeah, vitamin C, dress according to weather…

yeah it happens to me but I think for other reasons. I usually start playing basketball more, like this past week where I played saturday sunday then twice on monday. Combine that with walking around half the day monday with a sweaty shirt(i sweat at an incredible rate~ 5+lbs an hour), and tons of people coughing on me I knew I was pretty much asking for it, but I kept telling myself I’ll stop later.

I have tried to lose weight without getting sick. Usually if I just try to ease into it instead of going all out with a ton of cardio, and cutting half the food I won’t get sick. But it’s hard to motivate myself to ease into something.

Protein creatine and bcaa’s aren’t really immune boosting foods. Vitamin C is good but if your on a healthy diet you should be getting enough… OJ, Strawberries, Brocolli damn near everything has it. Try some vitamins with zinc, vitamin D, magnesium and calcium, and either cycle the carbs or cut them slowly.

I should have added, I do take a supplement pack (nothing major, something for men) and I do drink tons of water. I am convinced its an immune system problem, I just find it interesting. When I am eating like a horse and lifting I generally never have a problem, but what is interesting to me is that I have found the one thing that works great and it really helps a ton with belly bulge but I hate the price I pay to get there.

I will continue to try various forms of the diet, including like what Miss Parker says, I will try consuming carbs before and after workouts, maybe not cut so much, or maybe just spend two weeks with “Lower then usual” carbs…

thank everyone for the input!

This isn’t rocket science, and has much more to due with a calorie deficit than a carb cut.

You are getting ill because your body feels it is starving. In an attempt to decrease energy expenditure, you probably feel lethargic and are subconsciously doing less overall activity.

If you continue, things like libido (on increased deficits men lose the ability to get an erection and women do not get their period) get shut down, and your immune system is severely de-regulated. These are all survival mechanisms to keep you alive.

Low calorie diets can reduce immune system function, as can intense training. if your daily calories are too low, and you’re doing multiple intense workouts each week, you’re in a position to catch something.

Glutamine is a great immune system booster, start with 5 grams twice a day. Christian Thibaudeau also like using glutamine (for other reasons) as part of a post-workout cocktail for low carb dieters, but I can’t remember what else he throws in there. He’s mentioned it in his Locker Room before.

Chris, I completely agree with the low immune effects of dieting, and I find it frustrating.

Very cool…I’ve read various diet plans including a little of Christians work. Glutamine sounds like a good idea, I’ll look more into it and read the details of Christians post workout cocktail…

For the record, during carb cutting I don’t lift hard mostly cause like you say hexx, getting lethargic. I do keep protein up and do get down lots of steamed veggies, needless to say I have got a crash course in the importance of Carbs, especially for people who train!

Might wanna make sure you’re getting enough EFAs as well… and eat lots of green veggies…

[quote]normet wrote:
Very cool…I’ve read various diet plans including a little of Christians work. Glutamine sounds like a good idea, I’ll look more into it and read the details of Christians post workout cocktail…[/quote]

Just because it’s the holiday season, I took a quick look for it. :wink:

[quote]Thibs wrote:
You shoot for a maximal dose of:

0.3g of protein per pound of bodyweight
0.2-0.3g of glutamine per pound of bodyweight
0.05-0.1g of glycine per pound of bodyweight

But you start much lower on the glutamine and glycine and slowly work your way up. A lot of peoples will have stomach issues if they go right to the highest dose. Not to mention that not everybody has the same tolerance levels.

So if you are 200lbs, the ideal doses would be around:

60g whey protein
40g glutamine
10-15g glycine

But start at 60/20/5 for a few day, if you tolerate it well go to 60/25/7 for a few days. If you tolerate it go to 60/30/10 for a few days… etc.[/quote]

From this T-Cell Alpha thread:

also, are you getting enough sleep?
sounds like a small issue, but i think we all know it can make a big difference!


THANKS to everyone, you all have been helpful. Makes me wonder though why I seem to be the only one dealing with this. I am seeing my Doctor tomorrow for some other stuff, I might through out the question of immune system?!?!?!?

Thank again all…