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Always Get A 2nd Opinion


In fact, get a third and fourth and fifth if you can!

I've had constant knee trouble for years, and two MRIs taken a FULL YEAR AGO showed nothing. They told me they could see nothing, and therefore do nothing.

A year later, another doctor reviewed both MRIs and found:

1) Evidence of torn meniscus - left knee
2) Partial tendon tear in quadriceps tendon - right knee

Something missed by two people who had previously reviewed my scans. So now I'm getting the right therapy/work done on the legs.

Here was I told a year ago that I should continue and that there was 'nothing wrong' with my knees.

If you have any scans etc. and the ability to have them checked by another professional, DO IT!


I can attest to this- sort of. I had a chiro take some x-rays of my shoulder about a month before I moved to CA. While at the new sports medicine therapist/chiro they wanted to take x-rays. I said I just had some done, I don't want to pay for it again. They called the office of my other chiro and told them to send the x-rays. A week went by, nothing. Called again, same thing. It got to the point where the chiro told me they only had so many days to send the x-rays after they had been requested before it was in breach of the law. Sure enough the x-rays never came, never knew why, and of course nothing was done about it. The first place didn't even tell me the RESULTS of the x-rays. It was unbelievable. Fuck those guys.


That is odd. Did the MRI report say anything was wrong? 2 MRI's and both reports said nothing was wrong? I've had knee surgery and even after the Dr. saw the MRI, he said he'd have to put a scope in the knee to be sure. MRI's don't always show everything and sometimes they show stuff that isn't there. ie false positives.

Are you in the US?


I'm in the UK. Unfortunately our hospital is overstretched in its resources, and doctors will on average, give you 5-10 minutes MAX. The guy has since referred me to have another MRI on the legs. It took me approx 2 years to get the first lot of MRIs! Hopefully this will be quicker.

I'll take your caveat regarding MRIs and won't run away with any conclusions. Perhaps get a 4th opinion? hehe.

He did state that if symptoms don't improve and therapy doesn't work, then an arthroscopy might be in order.

Thanks for your reply though.


Jesus Christ dude that is INSANE. You need to be posting this everywhere so morons in this country will stop thinking socialized medicine is a good idea. I don't want to hi-jack your thread, but that's absolutely terrifying and people need to be aware of it.


And this is why in the US, alot of people are afraid of universal healthcare. I got my MRI within 24 hours of my doctors visit. I've had 4 done over the years on my knee and back.

Your post makes more sense to me now. What happens in the US, is when you take your MRI a person who is trained in reading and interpreting the images will give you a report and diagnosis if they see anything wrong in the MRI. Then, you take the report and MRI images to your orthopedist who will also look at the images and make his own conclusion. So you're pretty much always getting a 2nd opinion on every MRI.

Either way good luck on the recovery and hopefully they won't have to open it up.


You must have VIP health insurance.

Universal health care: Wait several hours in the emergency room with broken leg.
Private health care: Wait several hours in emergency room with broken leg, then pay out the nose for the privilege.


No VIP. Horizon blue cross/ blue shield.


Nothing special about that.


lol, you clearly have NO idea how health insurance, the private sector, and the government work. The only time what you described happens is if you live in MA where they already have socialized healthcare. It's absolutely deplorable and I've had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with it first hand.


I used to know this kid (18) who was having hip problems. Saw a few doctors, successively each one more of a specialist. They finally came up with some kind of whacky diagnosis and decided the head of his femur needed to be shaved down. Recovery was going to be about a year starting out in a wheel chair and shit. He was 18 at the time.

I had considered trying to talk him out of it but decided it wasn't my place. Someone else thought the same thing and did talk him out of it. He started the process over and this time the doctors determined he had a torn labrum and fixed it. He was back to a 100 percent in a few months.