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Always Feel Hip Flexor when Trying to Work Abs


Hey guys. Lately I have been having a hell of a time recruiting my abs. It’s seems like no matter what I do I always work the hip flexors. I have tried multiple different excersizes, I’ve tried exhaling before initiating the movement, I have tried contracting the abs before starting the movement but I will always feel it in the hip flexors. I use to be able to get a really good contraction when doing cable crunches but lately not so much. Does anyone have any tips or cues that I could try? Thx.


Try Janda crunches

Or do crunches with a swiss ball (small one) under your heels/calves and when you crunch, push down on the ball to contract the hamstrings

Or crunches holding a medicine ball between your calves and hamstrings… basically contracting the hamstrings to inhibit the hip flexors


Thx coach. I’ll give that a try