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Always Feel Better on the Day or Two After My Shot

I always seem to have an improvement in libido the day or two after a shot. I’m wondering if this means my ratio of tetosterone to estrogen has improved.

Does anyone know what if there is a lag in converting T to E on the first day? And would that lag also occur on the way back down. For example if you shoot 100mgs on Day 1 would you expect that your ratio of T to E is higher on that day and then by Day 4 as your T is heading down would your E stay a little higher?

I felt as you describe injecting every 3.5 days which is how I arrived at EOD dosing, I always felt the same for the first two days, day three I could feel a moderate crash.

You must inject exactly the same dosage for at least 6 weeks to get to a stable state., if you were to change the dosage levels will become unstable and another 6 weeks till levels are stable again.

There is always a lag in hormones, estrogen lags longer than testosterone, estrogen always follows testosterone. So estrogen is peaking after testosterone and therefore the ratios are changing, you need for these ratios to be ideal after 6 weeks and can take awhile to figure out an ideal injection frequency to achieve a good ratio for you.

My ratios are all screwed up injecting every 3.5 days. My ratios improve on an EOD protocol and are even better on a daily protocol.

Thanks. Just to be more precise when speaking about the lag. Let’s say I shoot 100mg on Day 1 and that puts my T at 1000 and my E at 50. So that would be T/E ratio of 20.

Now let’s say I’m on an every 2 week protocol so on Day 13 my T and E would obviously be very low. But would the ratio be the same? Or would the T go down first with E lagging behind causing something more like a T/E ratio of say 14 or 15?

There are so many variables. You would have to take a blood test 2x a day for a week to see what’s happening.

Your overthinking.

Your head is going deep down the rabbit hole on this ratio thing, adjust your dosage until you feel good, then see where you numbers are and adjust accordingly.

Don’t overthink it.

I thought it was here that I read the best ratio was 15-17. The thing is my ratio is always 20+. If I take 250mg a week my TT clocks in at 1000 with E at 50. If I take 125mg a week it’ll be 500ish with E at 25. One time I went nuts and did 500 a week and my TT came in at 2000 and my E was at 100.

None of these different amounts make me feel better. The only thing that seems to “work” is that day or two before my next shot and I guess I was just thinking that maybe if T goes down faster than E then maybe my ratio was more in line with the 15-17 range that I read was more ideal.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

Naturally the next step is to inject smaller doses more frequently to improve these ratios. Do this and you should feel better.

So is the opinion of most here that injecting 3 times a week will yield better results then 2 times weekly? I’m judging feeling good on libido. I feel pretty decent now, not off the charts awesome, but no major complaints. Is it worth changing?

I’m at 60mg TC x 2 weekly currently.

Test C EOD is a great way to maintain levels and not feel a drop. I used to feel the same way a few weeks ago. Now, Im all good. You have to stick with your protocol. I get tested again soon. Hopefully my levels arent too high on 160mg a week. Id hate to have my doc lower my dose. As for doing 500mg a week youre not gonna feel much unless you stuck with 500mg for 12 weeks as a cycle. You would have to cycle off though.

If you’re worried the doc will lower you wait one extra day before getting tested and just do your shot a day late for that week. Before that test yourself with discounted labs so you know where you really are. I do it all the time. My dr. Is very conservative and doesn’t understand this stuff at all, and we’re talking about the Mayo Clinic. Great place if you’re really screwed but not open to a lot of things.

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Yeah thats what Im planning on. Monday is shot day, gonna go in for my BT before I do my shot.

Probably, but this forum is not close to reflecting what goes on with most on TRT. About 80-90% take 160-200mg injections once weekly. I’m referencing those using TRT doctors and not even including those using their PCP, a urologist, or endocrinologist. Those guys are taking twice monthly injections, some every three weeks. Your typical gym guy using underground sourcing takes 200mg once a week.

If you are not happy with your results, or think there is room for improvement, sure. There is nothing wrong with experimenting to find out what works best for you. If it doesn’t work out, you know what 60mg twice a week does and you go back to that.

Yes, I know. Thanks much. I just hate the 5-6 week leveling period to see how it works. I’m impatient.

You would love T creams faster leveling period.

Are there transference issues with cream? I don’t need the wife to start growing a beard.

I’ve heard some cases where the wife had a higher libido and better muscle definition. Not every woman is going to get facial hair from transference. You should remember there are women on Test and don’t have facial hair.

I was kinda joking. The wife is on pellets, though it’s only been a month and she isn’t optimized with levels yet.

Thanks for the info.

Yes, I have seen evidence of this on lab results. Interestingly, the women were presenting with, among others, symptoms of low testosterone. Obviously, taking testosterone this way (transfer from another) is not going to yield anything close to consistent levels. However, levels can be influenced shortly after contact with your partner.