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Always Come Out Swinging

All healed up with 8 weeks till my first full meet ever. I’ve always just dead lifted in meets. Getting hurt has actually helped me

Today’s work

Close grip floor press
Military press
Bent over flys
Core work

Feb 26 meet awaits

On Failing

I love failing in the gym. Today I missed a set of lying on the floor extensions. I’ve been building up the weight from week to week and today my arms said “enough.”

I love that this happens because it removes any doubt that I’m giving it 100% and sets a new goal I can work towards. When you’ve been lifting as long as I have, its easy to hit the gym put up some strong "gym’ numbers and leave feeling good about yourself. It’s a lie veteran lifters often fall for. The evidence is when you look back on the year and find you’ve been pushing the same exact weight day in and out.

Time to start failing.

what meet are you doing? good luck with you training

Welcome, HARA. Have you always been athletic?

Pete, WNPF RAW World Cup meet Bordentown, NJ Feb26

Cavalier, yes. I’ve always been an athlete.

Good Luck Hara, Ill be following!

me too, although i have a hard time reading all the logs now, or at least posting in them.



I hit a 375 deep squat for 3 reps today. They were tough and I earned every inch of every rep. This was not a PR for me but it’s the first time I’ve gotten under any significant weight since my hamstring pull. Being forced to use light weights has made me a better squatter.

Learning to crawl again makes you a better runner once you’re on your feet. Hope you all had a nice Christmas.

Pulled 405 off a 3" block for 7 reps today. The guy doing my programming has gotten me started on these. I can usually do 10 off the floor. I’m going into a deload week and am now about 8 weeks out from my meet. I’ve been having my arm and chest tattooed with a half sleeve over the last 8 weeks it hasn’t effected my training till today. Collar bone feels spicy!

this video loaded funny. I wish my pulls were this fast :slight_smile:


Went into the gym intending on doing a deload. Felt crazy strong and ended up hitting a pr military press. 255x3 reps @193lbs. Long live Wendler!!

255x3 fuckin A dude thats awesome…pulls looked perfect. Your gonna kill your meet…what are you getting done on your arm and chest?

Great speed on the Deads looks lik mine…

I have the same issue with the video speed as well.

Welcome aboard

Nice pulls.

First full meet. That’s exciting.

[quote]MattyXL wrote:
255x3 fuckin A dude thats awesome…pulls looked perfect. Your gonna kill your meet…what are you getting done on your arm and chest?[/quote]

Its a tribal Polynesian design. Pretty close to being done.

my coach is teaching me some new accessory movements for my pressing.

Seated military presses to the top of my head. He’s had me working up from high reps over the last few weeks and today it was nut up and do some heavy work 225x5 in video. These scare the crap out of me because if you don’t control the weight on the way down your cranium will do it for you.

Second video is my first time doing “rolling dumbell extensions” don’t know how I feel about these yet but they were a nice change from using a bar.

I was in an old school hip hop kind of mood this moring.



training is looking solid. love the rolling extensions, great way to work the tris w/o tearing up the elbows, for me at least

oh and what meet are you doing?

Very cool home gym! Real nice lifts as well, good luck with your meet.

[quote]PeteS wrote:
oh and what meet are you doing? [/quote]

WNPF full raw meet Boardentown NJ FEB 25