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Alvarez Goes Too Far?


So everyone's favourite over-protected Mexican, Saul Alvarez, is taking his first real step up in facing tricky Puerto Rican boxer Kermit Cintron.

Lots of people are saying Kermit is past his prime after a lopsided loss to Carlos Molina and an ungraceful swan-dive out of the ring vs. Paul Williams. Others say that Alvarez is a well-promoted average talent who is about to get badly exposed.

Is Kermit still a top-notch fighter?
Is this a bridge too far for the pasty Mexican?



Fucking pic wouldn't attach.


Cintron is far from a step too far. He's always been mediocre, nothing more.

Alvarez has some talent but he gets hit too much. Cintron will come forward enough, and is slow enough, to make this a relatively easy fight for Alvarez.

When Alvarez fights a real boxer - like a true counterpuncher or skilled boxer who uses movement, he'll be made to look like a fool.

But that's not Cintron, who is more or less a low-end gatekeeper at this point.


I think Cintron is a top-ten contender (at the lower end of the scale). I think he's going to give Alvarez fits. I don't expect his activity level is going to be good enough to upset him, but I would be surprised if Cinnamon made him look bad.


I am surprised. And impressed. I want to see Saul against a top dog. I'd like to see how he handles a real classy boxer like Lara, but I expect he's going straight in against JCC now.

I think he wins that fight pretty comfortable.


Told ya so homey :wink:

But honestly, i did not watch the fight but I'll try and catch it today, but remember that JCC is no boxer either- he likes to crack. And, he's relatively untested.

It will be the boxer/puncher that gives Alvarez fits. And that's not JCC.