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Alumni Football Game



I'm 31 years old, working out here in California, just got out of the Military last spring, settling into a pretty comfortable, well deserved lifestyle with my GF, three bedroom house, two dogs, considering making some baby's, getting hitched, etc.

Two weeks ago I get a phonecall from a old high school football teammate from rural Michigan where I grew up.

"Dude, we're putting together an alumni football game against The Cardinal's (rival school) in June and wanted to know if you'd come back to town and play... We lost to them last year and are now sweeping the country looking for some of the really good players we had so we can whip their ass next year... You interested?"

My initial reply was "hell yes, absolutely"

Now, I haven't played competitive full contact football (Pads and everything)for about 8 years, have had a complete ACL reconstruction since then, have an occupation which relies on me being in good shape, and I'm developing this bee in my bonnet about re-living the old days and that whole thing being pretty lame.

So, I'm on the fence. I have no doubts that my knee would be ok, I can learn the playbook and have enough buddy's out here to go through mock up's for me to get sufficient practice, will have enough vacation time to get back to Michigan a week and a half before the game in order to practice with the team, and I get this chill in my spine every time I think about having the opprotunity to strap on the pads and make snot bubbles come out of somebody's nose, especially a hated rival.

On one side I look at this single game as motivation to get in better shape and to have the opprotunity to stomp the shit out of a life-long rival again.

On the other side I ask myself if it's really worth all the hassle of preparing and traveling for one little obscure contest just to re-live the old high school days one more time.

Because that's really all it is when it comes down to it. To have the attention of two little po-dunk towns focused on me and my teammates again for the sake of a years worth of bragging rights in a town where I no-longer live, yet still feel a deep loyalty toward.

So I guess my question to you, the Nation is this:

What is your opinion? Would you go ahead and play if you were in the same situation?

Any input would be appreciated...



Not many people will ever get the chance to play football at 31. Go for it, if only for the fact that it will be a hell of an experience to remember.

Also, out of curiousity, where in rural Michigan do you plan on playing?


I'd be all over that. If nothing else, it gives you something specific to focus on while working out.


When faced with life's difficult decisions, I often find myself wondering, WWDJD (What would Dan John do)?

Then I remember one of his basic tenets, which I like to refer to as:

Dan John 3:16 Just Show Up!

Take care,



Dude, I'm doing it at 35. It's not all about trying to relive the days. We play 5-7 games a season. Most kids will be under 25.

Here, I have a whole thread on the topic too.



I dunno. I might pass myself, just because of the value I put on my vacation time and how much I have to travel to be with family on holidays and such. Aside from that, you might want to check with the gf to see how much she values your vacation time for trips or whatnot.

However, the sporting idea is still a good one -- go find a rugby league there in SoCal. I know there are quite a few mens teams in SD, from OMBAC on down in terms of quality/competitiveness.


She's cool with going, she digs MI much better in the Spring/Summer rather than the Holidays. We're doing HI next winter so she always has that to look forward to.

Did you ever get that copy of J/K Conspiracy I sent?

Rockscar I feel like an idiot, I never saw your thread dude, wouldn't have even posted had I saw it earlier.