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Alumni Football at 35


I have a chance to play again..... and I always said I would sell my left nut to play again.... (even though they are both cut now).

I played at 138lbs in HS for Nevada Union under Randy Blankenship.

I was then 130 lbs for the last 14 years

I'm now 165, stronger and faster. Most of the 'kids' in the Alumni games are 19-22. I watched last year when I was out of shape and had to be a 'coach' as I knew I had no business back out there. An example as to why I knew this....I tried to run a 10yrd start and fell flat on my face! That was THEN. I now run sprints and jog and do adgility and speed training once a week in addition to lifting.

I FEEL like I could do it now......but as the only breadwinner, I can't afford the risk!!

AHHHHHG... Now I have the physical capability, but still won't do it. Getting old sometimes sucks!

Should I:

  1. Scrap the idea and get responsible?
  2. Suit up and go for it?
  3. Suit up and run like 4 plays and hope I don't get hurt.
  4. Realize I'm like Ted Bundy and just kill myself now.


I'd play. I'm thinking about playing lacrosse at 46.


Play. I played in several Alumni games with the last one being when I was in my early 30's. Only 3-4 guys broke bones and only one was compound. Nobody was paralyzed and nobody died so go for it. Bad thing was though, the cheap shots. I got blasted hard jogging back to the huddle after the play was over. Spent a little time looking through the ear hole trying to figure out where I was.



There's always some inherent risk in playing real football - this was true even when you were in high school. However, the people who are most likely to be injured in an alumni game are the people in poor condition with big egos. Now that you've gotten yourself into good condition, your odds of coming out fine are pretty decent.


Don't even think about it ---- you gotta play!


For God's sake: Play!!!!

I have played amateur ball for seven seasons now, and wouldn't trade anything for the chances I have had to play again (I'm 31).

Play and play all-out. If anything happens, oh well! It's still better that breaking your leg falling down the stairs.


Ive decided to go for it. I will post results and game photos next game.


Brutha, I say go for it. I am 41 and just started playing semi-pro football again after over ten years away from the game. I am starting at D-end and having a ball. Yea, it hurts longer than it used to, but it still gives the same adreneline rush when I suit up and step onto the playing field!!!!!!!!!!




Alright. First game is Nov 26. I'm now at 169lbs and 5'7". Lost my bulking fat, slim, trim and ready to go. I'll send post some pics......

Hopefully not pics of me in the hospital, but one on the field, de-cleating a 240 lb 20 year old!


You'll be fine. Stretch it out. Take Motrin before and after the game.

Started playing rugby again when my old team fielded an over 40 team. The game is the same...just happens a little slower and the next day is a lot more painful.


I say PLAY


alumni games?


Play. Get insurance. Play. Don't forget Dan John's advice - if you can snatch the other guy, he's not winning any one-on-one with you.

Go play.


Good luck!!

I have started playing ice hockey again at the age of 45. Quit when I was 15 so skating is a bit of a nightmare but I bought all the gear and am having fun. Usually play with no little or no body checking, but last week took 2 good shots that had me sore for a couple of days. Wasn't prepared for the contact and paid the price.

Make sure that you have your 'game face' on and don't ever relax when on the field. I played football (college level in Canada, too long ago to say when!) and got 'shitcanned' once or twice when I relaxed before the play was over.

Don't hesitate, drive through people when contact is made and HAVE FUN!!!!

All the best!



Yes, I'm well aware of the all-out or get hurt factor. I'm feeling good but the only thing is my damn legs are not conditioned yet......working on that.

I'll get updates after the game.


Very true, except the kids are all 20, graduated in 03-02 etc. I'm the only 80's decade graduate. There are a FEW 90's.

Funny, most of these guys on the team were not even born or still shitting in diapers when I played.

Shit, one kid I remember as the baby of my parents friends when I was 17.


Well we lost 12-6. My back definately took a beating. I still have some sciatica from all the running.

I'm going to continue to play, but only as the PAT kicker.:frowning:

No pics, the wife did not want to go, and I was not going to take pics when I needed to concentrate on the game.

Overall it was a success!


I hope you mean Al.


Valiant effort you old bastard!

If it is any consolation, you should look around and realize that 90% of old bastards like you couldn't even come close to playing :wink: