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Aluminum in Anti-Perspirants

Is there really a problem overloading on aluminum with anti-perspirants? I’ve been using plain deoderant ever since Victor Conte’s interview in the Andro Wars issue and now I’m wondering if this is really necessary. I’m frequently involved in high stress situations at work and I’m afraid plain deoderant doesn’t always get the job done.

I know what you mean Jake. I did the same and suffered much as you did. However, I’ve recently found that a company with an outlet local to me sells deodorant bars made of some kind of soft wax impregnated with sodium bicarbonate and herbal scents. They do the job pretty well. The company’s name is Lush. They’re UK based but from the web I see that they have a significant Canadian presence and they sell on the net as well as through stores. Nothing in the U.S. though. Perhaps you can find something similar however.

On the subject of whether aluminium in deodorants is really an issue, I’d really like to know what others think as well.

I use Secret. It really is strong enough for a man. It works better than most of the men’s anti-perspirants and smells good too.

I believe that aluminum is an issue, especially if you wear anit-perspirants daily. You could use the anti perspirant only for work, and then just use regular deodorant while at the gym and stuff…this way you cut down on your exposure to the metal.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.