Alternitives to Curls?

I play baseball, more specifically I am a pitcher. Having large biceps is fairly unwanted, but at the same time, I do want to have some definition in my arms. I seen guys that pitch and work their biceps seem to be more susceptible to elbow pain.

My question is, are there some alternative lifts to curls that can hit my biceps adequately without some of the added stress? I hit my triceps pretty hard and I have never had a problem putting on size, I just don’t want to over work some of the tendons in my elbow doing curls.

BB/DB rows, pullups, close-grip pulldowns all hit the biceps to a certain degree, you can even get a decent pump from these.

Then again, I’m not sure how susceptible one is to elbow pain from doing curls, or any of these exercises.

a “big biscep” will not happen over night, if you want to stop at a certain size, just train normally and stop when you reach said size.

if you are afraid of growth speed, just train less frequent and/or less intense (e.g. less volume)

Alternatives to curls are any kind of pulling compound movement, e.g. rows, chins etc