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Alternatives to Wearing Chucks


I've been wearing an old pair of American Eagle casual shoes I've had for a while, but they're starting to wear out around where the big toes are. Any other affordable shoes you guys recommend? Thanks.


I wear these on my squat days...what a difference compared to my nike running shoes....

Adidas' new world class weightlifting shoe developed for the Olympic Games in Athens.

New flexible forefoot construction for superior energy transfer. Inproved 3 hook and loop straps for firm hold. Kangaroo leather in forefoot for glove like fit. Technical carbon fibre like material for stable heel hold. Unique outsole profile inspired by winter type technology. Proven wooden heel wedge for secure stance.


Hi top vans off the walls are built just like chucks.. I think they're better.. The upper is more durable.




LOL, I don't think that's gonna fly at my gym.


I do it barefoot too on carpet even tho I don't think its the best...


INZER Squat shoes,, works good for benching and deadlifting also.


i second the vans. they last me alot longer than chucks. my personal favorites are adidas samba. top salas are really good too. flat strong light last for ever.


Looks like I found my shoes - I'm going with the Sambas. Thanks guys!


Adidas driving shoes. Die Marke mit die Drie Streiffen! or something like that.



Well since the question was posed, I might as well add to the question (sorry to hijack). How do Chuck Taylor's or any of the other shoes mentioned run? I'm thinking of ordering a pair offline and don't want to get the wrong size. So for those with experience please let me know. Thanks.


For chucks, you should order 1/2 a size smaller than what you normally wear. I've seen them sell for as cheap as ~$30. I found a pair of the Adidas shoes I'm going to get online for $50. I'll probably look around the internet, the mall or DSW sometime this weekend to see if I can find a better deal before I pull the trigger.


Make sure they match your Zubaz pants!!


zubaz ! hahaha ! who are you -joey buttafuco ?!!!