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Alternatives To Throws

I’m currently using a budget commercial gym due to money constraints. Before stating the obvious, money is a factor that cannot be changed as I’m still a student who also works. While said gym has a full power rack and platform, it lacks a hell of a lot of room, in all aspects. The low ceiling (8 foot at best) doesn’t allow overhead throws and the lack of free space doesn’t allow put throws etc. Is there an alternative to throws to use in such conditions? I’d like to definitely keep the dynamic work in my routine, it works.

Is there a place to throw a medicine ball straight down from overhead? Or a wall to throw into?

Yeah. The throw does not need to be “long”, just explosive. Med. ball slams to the floor might do the job.

Or just to standing long jumps before you go to the gym.

Thanks for the replies, I like the idea of throws but jump variations might have to replace. Thanks

Step out the to parking lot or side of the building. Jumps don’t take the place of throws - they both work to complement each other and you. You can find a way.

I’d love to throw before I lift but I can’t so I just do some jumps and then throw on my off days at my house.

I would if they had one. The gym is located in a major northern city centre, the gym itself is actually underground, hence the room limitation but its one of very few accessible to me that has key components (i.e. a power rack and platform)

Jumps are the alternative to throws.