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alternatives to SWEET bars

What is the DEAL with the entire bar industry producing only sweet, candybar~like bars?? I’m a WOMAN and I’m very tired of all the chocolate coatings and “new, candybar~like taste/texture!!”! Not that I have any great suggestions…meatloaf flavored, salmon burger, chewy fajita… Really, why not a Willy Wonka all~flavors gobstopper thingee?
Seriously, why the ever~present, nasty chocolate coating and the sweet flavors?? Any other good suggestions??? I’d be willing to be one of the first guinea pigs…

Yes, how dare they make what most people want to buy! Bastards! :slight_smile: I like the sweet stuff myself. Maybe the Grow! lemon bar will work for you. I think they’re going to have blueberry one too.

Im with you on this one. I crave salt and grease waaaay more than sweets, but the supplement industry only produces ridiculously oversweetened candy like foods. I dont want something that tastes like a milkshake or chocolate candy bar 2-3 times a day. Give me something that tastes like doritos or cheese fries from outback and we can talk!

TEK-Heres a thought, the supplement industry produces stuff that looks great to those who are shopping for a first time or craving satisfying product. Basically the bulk of the people they are selling to are using the product only infrequently and buying on a whim. Therefore people buy the most common craving-sweet. When people start to get a large quantity of these products daily the desire for every meal to be a dessert diminishes. I can personally only handle about 1 shake or sweet supplememnt a day and if i try to get more it becomes unpleasent. Think of all the cottage cheese people here eat, thats a more salt oriented craving that theres no alternative to in the supplement industry. We all have our portable foods like tuna, cottage cheese, oatmeal, that we eat for the bulk of our meals so obviously at least half the time we crave something besides sweet. Im just looking for something as simple as a bar i can stuff down between clients that doesnt make me feel like i just went to checkers and ordered a large chocolate milkshake for the third time today.

New from Biotest: Tuna bars with chicken breast coating! Yuuuuumy!

Seriously, I see your point, but what else would they taste like if not sweet or fruity? Hey, there’s always beef jerky.