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Alternatives to Prowler/Sled?

I was wondering what the best alternatives are for prowler/sled as I don’t have access to them.

Thank you

You can DIY a sled for practically nothing. Take an old tire and drill an eye bolt through it. Put plates inside. You won’t need much weight since the rubber will grip the hell out of whatever surface you’re on. You could also make one out of wood. Spud also sells a magic carpet sled, or you could just be cheap and use some carpet yourself to make your own.

The problem is that I’m currently training at a commercial gym(I know, it sucks - I am currently in the process of joining another gym even though there are basically no good gyms nearby, but I’m working on it). So I was hoping there was an exercise that is similar but nothing more than that, I was just hoping.

You can definitely use the magic carpet in a commercial gym. It’s actually pretty much what it was built for. If your gym has a basketball court, you could use it there, or otherwise any sort of floor spacing. Otherwise, you really don’t need much weight with the tire, and you could do it outside in the parking lot or take it somewhere else. Lots of options for sure.

Thank you for the tips! I will make it work : )

Im just talking out loud here so take what I say with a grain of salt but when I’ve worked with a sled (pushing) it gives me the same response as when I’ve done yoga movements like planks and upward dogs. Do a tabata of those and you’ll be shakin’ like a dog chitin’ peach seeds.

Or throw a couple bumpers on a towel on bball court and push that. Maybe thrusters or KB swings. If you can’t figure it out do something else, have fun, your workout wont be wasted because you didnt push the sled. Just work and you’ll be good.

Following up with what Punisher said, you can save even more money by loading the makeshift sled with sandbags from a hardware store. Keep it all in the trunk of your car and break it out in the gym parking lot.

Another options is to do truck or car pushes up an incline. That replicates the feeling of pushing a prowler very closely in my experience.

Maybe some kind of lunge alternating left/right with kettlebell/dumbbell overhead? Like an overhead squat…

Can’t believe I forgot about this. Car pushes are awesome.