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Alternatives to peanuts

As detailed a couple of weeks back, I started a low-carb, no-dairy, no-gluten diet.

Lost 20+ pounds so far in around one month. No body comp assessment. My assessment of progress is done with what I see in the mirror.

Dairy-free and gluten-(you could say starch)-free limits snacking options the options a lot.

Getting tired of eating peanuts for snacks. And I do not appreciate the goitrogenic (bad for thyroid) potential side-effects.

Whey and whey-derivatives is not an option. I also try to keep my food intake as raw as possible.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Walnuts and/or almonds instead.

Dan some almonds and shredded unsweetened coconut could be options.

What is your goal as far as protein intake?

20lbs? Don’t you think that’s a little much? that’s five pounds a week. I suppose if you lost an initial 10-15 lbs of water, that makes sense. But you might want to watch that.

nut butters, cheese, beef jerky.


Protein intake: I set not specific limits. I go by feel/instinct. I usually eat 2 eggs at breakfast, some chicken in a Tubway Wrap at noon, and about half the time I eat some meat/eggs at dinner time. Every 1 or 2 weeks I get a ‘red meat rage’ where I binge more (on protein and of course meat). Very much like Atkins mentions, even though I can eat as much as I want, overall I eat less, protein being very filling AND not having huge sugar-levels swings.

Whereas the 6-7 meals a day is ‘mandatory’ while training, the 6-7 meal/snack comes naturally. I just need some gas at every 2-3 hours to keep ‘in the zone’, so to say.

So, in short, open to any options. :0)

NEPHORM: Makes sense, specially if I was allergic to dairy and gluten. All that immune-reaction-related (inflammation) water just has no reason to stay there if the allergen does not enter the body.

After one month, I have started feeling hungrier and having more red-meat cravings. Makes sense, after a month of mostly eggs and chicken protein.

You talk about red meat as if it was a cheat meal. It should be a staple of your diet not an occasional treat.

Red meat = natures multi vitamin.

Just a thought.


Are you avoiding gluten and dairy because of results of an allergy test?-Just curious. It also appears that you are not getting enough protein. Like Phill mentioned, why are you avoiding red meat? When dieting, anti-catabolic proteins are very important in preserving lean muscle. Red meat and whole cream, foods you are avoiding, are some of the best for preventing catabolism.

pork rinds

pork rinds?

Why not?

most nuts you find they are cooked…shoot for dry roasted…but almonds and walnuts are good and brazilian nuts, but some dont like the taste. I love cashews but they are the higher in carbs and low in fiber