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Alternatives to Oatmeal


There are few things I love more than my usual breakfast, which consists of oatmeal, an apple, a scoop of protein powder, and some cinnamon, all blended up and chugged. 3 minutes max from set-up to done and out the door, and tastes very much like an oatmeal cookie.

But since reading Poliquin's Question of Strength
I have been looking to alternatives to oatmeal, preferably ones that can be substituted more or less seamlessly into the above "recipe" (to save you a read, the upshot is that oats are a common allergen for Westerners, and can lead to increased cortisol and storage of abdominal fat). I'm keeping with oatmeal for the present while I experiment with alternatives:

I tried substituting quinoa. It was a fantastic failure.

I recently did a trial run (half portion, no apple) with millet. This wasn't too bad: sort of a granier, "corny" version of the original. From what I've read, allergies to millet are rare. Anything I should know about this grain?

Any other grains/seeds/legumes/other that might be worth giving a shot?

Any other quick breakfast methods that work? I'm not giving up milk (in before "stay fat then").



Barley tastes really good - but I don't know if it's allergenic or not.


Metabolic Drive Complete, serving of greens products, 2 bananas, 4 fish oil pills, add a tablespoon of macadamia oil to the shake and a glass of milk would make a killer shake.

obviously don't blend the fish oil, i find swallowing them is easier.


Umm...yeah, a little bit of information is a dangerous thing. I read that piece of the article and rolled my eyes, muttering, "Why, Charles, why?" Oatmeal is delicious, nutritious and a great choice for grains, but all of a sudden everyone figures they must avoid it like rape -- despite exhibiting no symptoms of oatmeal allergy. Like killer bees and terrorists in the airport, this piece of hype is most likely best left ignored.


I love Poliquin in all but come on!!

Eat your damn oats...

If your really concerned then pay the big bucks and get tested to see if you really are allergic to it...

Other wise, Eat your damn oats.


I always feel like shit after eating oats. I had quit eating oats long before the Poliquin article. But, if you feel fine when you eat them, I don't think it will be a problem to keep on eating them.


Yeah I usually feel like garbage too.

And to the original poster...an alternative? Poliquin himself suggested quinoa as an alternative in that article you gave.

Personally for me, I replaced oats with Ezekiel 4:9 whole grain cereal back when I took in more carbs (now I don't usually eat starchy carbs unless it's some sort of cheat or re-feed).

Another friend of mine on another forum started eating lentils instead. Not sure how well that served him though. I personally hated it when I tried.


Miss this part haha?

"I tried substituting quinoa. It was a fantastic failure."

To the OP, were you having problems with the oats previously or did you decide to see how you would react with a different carb source? I'm hoping people aren't making big changes to their diets based on each and every article that comes out.


I add 2 tablespoons of milled flax seed to my morning Metabolic Drive shake. I could probably add even more for a thicker shake.


This morning we tried quinoa, ageed, it was a try once, learn from first lesson. It is now in the garden. If Charles P. is eating this he is a lot tougher than even I thought.


Try Ancient Harvest Quinoa flakes. It cooks a lot quicker than regular quinoa. I get mine from Wholefoods.


No problems with oats before or since. In fact I still use them as normal, except that I am experimenting with other grains in the case that there really does turn out to be some consensus on it. Seems like CP is in a small minority at the moment. But I figure a little variety won't hurt, nor will having an alternative or two on deck.

Good idea, I was thinking about adding flaxmeal to a grainier carb for miscibility. The protein itself helps to some respect with this.



Alright that clarifies it. It's hard to interpret intentions from posts and there's a fine line between hmm maybe there is something to that I'll give it a shot and Poliquin says no oatmeal so it's out of my diet forever that's hard to tell from general posts.


LOL. My bad.


You could try Irish oatmeal. I like it a lot better than regular Quaker Oats.



Try Amaranth,much better than oat,has more fiber,protein(lysine, methionine),gluten free, 3X more fiber than wheat,2X more calcium than milk,5X more iron than wheat,high in linoleico acid,mix with corn,brown rice you get a complete protein,Astronaut FOOD,Mayans werent wrong.


Try Salba.


Can I ask why quinoa was a failure? I frequently have rolled quinoa with my breakfast, either on its own (with an omelette seperate) with honey and blueberries or with a scoop of protein powder and I have no problem - tastes fine.

I am celiac (can't have gluten) hence the reason I do not have oats.


Total Cereal?


why was quinoa a failure ? it hardly has any taste at all. wtf ?

i can eat more quinoa than i can oatmeal. yesterday i had it w honey and raisins which wasn't awesome but wasn't horrible so who really cares ? this morning i had it w/ broccoli and brussels sprouts and franks hot sauce and i liked that better than the honey raisin combo.