Alternatives to Milk-Based Proteins

Hi there, was just looking for a bit of advice. I recently found milk and therefore my protein powder to be the cause of my acne; stopped taking them and my skin improved, took them again for just 3 days and it’s flared up again :frowning:

Have been looking around at other proteins available, mainly for use PWO and would like some advice on the best kind to go for in regards to forming a complete protein and actually being able to swallow it! (egg white powder is practically perfect except for the fact that it’s completely unpalatable!) I’m considering going for a brown rice protein/pea protein blend…what do you recommend?

Interesting, are you sure it wasn’t an allergic reaction rather than acne? Have you had similar experiences with other brands? I’d guess the obvious alternative is soy. Another option would be goat whey if its in fact an allergic reaction you’re having to bovine milk.

try hemp protein? not the best tasting - add some stevia and anything is palatable.

GOatein is highly absorbable and most resembles the human milk amino acid profile. But it tastes pretty bitter

rice protein is just sucky I tried it!

Your best bet is either take a liquid free from complete amino acid supp with a bunch of added bcaas, with your pwo and take not protein shakes as meal replacements.

Or try switching BRANDS!what brand were you using? was it lactose free? If you cant handle Biotest , BEVERLY internationals muscle provider is very very clean protein and lactose free.

egg whites

I am using a pea based protein right now and I’m satisfied with it for sure. PM me if you want more details.

yeah, the ‘gemma’ protein isolate that scott is referring to is definitely the best vegetable derivative. I must say - DO NOT use hemp proteins, complete crap. the most important bcaa’s like leucine, isoleucine, and valine are almost nonexistant. you should get the source from him, or myself. chyea

Well, try food. Meat, fish, eggs, cheese.