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Alternatives to Giving Blood to Lower RBC Levels?


AAS and even TRT can make RBC and hematocrit levels go too high. I wanted to give blood, but they do ask if I've used AAS, and I know Arimidex is also a no-no. And I was rejected since I had sex with a woman without knowing her sexual past in the last 6 months! And I don't think I really want to stop doing that :slightly_smiling:

I have a super hard time finding an open-minded doctor. In fact, I have a hard time finding a doctor period (thanks to our "free" universal system). Finding one that would prescribe some blood letting seems almost a moot point.

What are the alternatives besides giving blood to lower RBC (and possibly hematocrit) levels? I know BBB did his own bloodletting but I'm not that advanced (!).


I use aspirin as a blood thinner, a couple before my workout and the back pumps are greatly reduced. I know people take aspirin every day to prevent heart attacks, but still I try not to do this too many days in a row. Self diagnosing/self medicating on top of using AAS isn't something I'm entirely comfortable with, but it is a good temporary solution.

Also you can just lie when you give blood, they test it all anyway.


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If Canada is anything like the states in this respect, you can donate at any local blood bank/drive and, at the very very end after they've drawn, you're given an option to "opt out" of your blood being eventually used.

You just check the box on the final form you sign at the end, no further info necessary per HIPAA regulations


I think this has the makings of a very good horror movie. Imagine AAS user releases leeches gorged with AAS-laced blood into the wild where the continue to grow and multiply, their increasing size demanding ever increasing amounts of blood. Human blood.

Humanities only hope is capture each and every one of them, then enroll them in law school thereby ensuring the next generation of product liability plaintiff lawyers.....


I think I can do that but I have to wait six months since I was refused because of some great sex :slightly_smiling: I just have gone the Bill Clinton route.

Your ending is truly on a new level of horror - though sadly not out-of-this-world material.

Even scarier!

MMA coach Shawn Tompkins just died of an heart attack in his 30s. Now I'm not implying he was on PEDs or anything, just that it's yet another reminder that however fit we appear to be, we have to beware.


I have added aspirin to my fat burner stack, in part because of it's blood thinning properties. But I too do not use it every day.


In regards to giving blood, just say that you havent used gear, they run tests on your blood after you give it anyways. I have given blood a week after pct and nothing was said.


You did not inhale?


Leeches' endogenous sex hormone is most likely ecdysone, or a similar hormone such as 11-ketotestosterone, not testosterone, shithead.




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Common symptoms?


this is an old thread … but I need to know what size was the pump and what was the speed