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Alternatives to Dumbbell Flyes

Does anyone have any ways they work an alternative to flyes in there routine? I did a search but no one had any decent alternative. Now, the only reason I ask is cause they wreak havoc on my right rotator cuff.

I have not gotten any major pain while executing the lift, its more like something is moving around in my front delt. Feels really weird! I don’t want to hurt myself so I was just curious if anyone uses an alternative movement. Thanks in advance!

Try some flys with low cables on a bench, i find the control to much easier on my buggered shoulders.


Echoing what was just said, decline cable flies on a bench, followed by Alessi’s stretch routine with those cables will work well and give a killer pump.

I had shoulder pain as well, and just had to find an area in which there was no pain for the starting point in the movement while I tried to find out what was wrong with me.

Try CW’s Slide Push-ups. They work great. And closed kinetic chain exercises like pushups always seem to be easier on the joints.

I did look at the massive chest program, and liked the two chest exercises C-dub mentioned. The low cable flat bench and the slide push up seem to be a good alternative to the flyes. I think I am gonna give my shoulder a rest from any heavy weight, then give them a shot. Thanks for the help guys!