Alternatives to Deadlift

My fiancee has a bad case of kyphosis and when she performs a deadlift, she said she has terrible pain in the middle of her back, just where the curve starts (right about the bra line). I emulated her posture and felt the same pain in my mid back (not a bra line).

I have done some reading on this site, specifically the Neanderthal No More articles, and know some of what I can have her do to help fix her back. It seems to be bad enough that she may require more than just improved length/tension ratios.

In the mean time, what posterior chain exercises can I prescribe in place of deadlift that will have the greatest weight loss effect? All I have available at home are free weights and a bench press.


personally id say go for some seated rows accentuating scapular retraction. is her posture kyphotic when she is standing?

id also try some military presses. go very light at first to see if it agitates her back.

Keep doing the deadlifts, just fix the form. If she doesn’t have mobility to do them properly start with a rack pull (or deadlift off of blocks or a box or something.) until she can get all the way down while maintaining proper form.

Scapular retraction work may also be off use.

Decrease her pressing volume. Pull 3x the volume as she pushes, may help.

If it is really bad then take her to a doctor.

As she descends in the eccentric part, watch her low back and hips carefully. What happens? Does her low back stay very straight and stiff but then near the bottom her hips curl under?

i found i gained alot of thorasic vert flexibility if i just stretched on a foam roller. my gf has the same problem but she WILL deadlift lol.

right now she is doing SLDLs with dumbells