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Alternatives to Dairy and Eggs

Dear Friends

My first post here. So the deal is: I have been diagnosed with a health issue, and because of it, for an undetermined duration of time, I will have to completely cut off my diet foods such as all kinds of dairy, eggs, and avoid red meat, specially pork.

I have been lifting and training kickboxing for some years now. Being a hard gainer ectomorph, I heavily rely on whey, weight gainers, oats, and milk, which I use mainly for home made high calorie shakes, in which I also add peanut butter, berries and so on.

I also regularly eat eggs (whole and egg whites) with bacon, mushrooms, etc.

So, being unable to eat these foods, which alternatives I have to make high caloric shakes which doesn’t include any dairy whatsoever? Regarding the meat, its not a big deal, since I favor more chicken, turkey and fish anyway.

But eggs and dairy will be a challenge.

Can you please recommend some ingredients (high protein and high carb), that I can use for some nutritious and delicious shakes?

Thanks very much in advance!

Almond milk

Sorry, I have to ask.
What’s the medical issue?

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Digestive issues.