Alternatives to Cable Exercises?

I bought your program today and extremely excited to get started. I have a power rack with plenty of weight but do not have a pulley system to do lat pull downs or the beneath the leg movements with pulley in your program. My ? Is there alternative exercises you would recommend for the exercises that use the traditional pulley system in big gyms?

Can you list the exercises you want substitute for, that will make my job easier.

Thanks for the reply.
Close Grip Lat Pulldown
Neutral Grip Seated Row
Leg Curl
Leg Extension
Rope Pull-through
Straight-Arm Pulldown

I have an EZ- Bar, adjustable dumbbells, Olympic Barbell, as well as a bench and pullup bar for my power-rack and more weight plates than i can lift. Thanks again.

I’m in the same boat with the same equipment. I probably need to get my hands on an adjustable bench.

Alternate’s would be appreciated. Excited to start the program!

Close Grip Lat Pulldown: you are strong enough to do chin-ups with the methods

Neutral Grip Seated Row: I’d do horizontal row with a pronated grip

Leg Curl: Ideally you’d get some bands to do band leg curls. If not you can use a weight belt to attached a DB between your feet and do lying leg curls

Leg Extension: You can actually do seated leg extension by putting a barbell on your feet. You have to keep your feet flexed so that the bar doesn’t roll out in the low position, and you might have to stop a bit short of all the way down, but it can work. If not, you can do this:Tip: The Bodyweight Leg Extension

Rope Pull-through: The best would be to buy bands and do band pull-through. Otherwise you can do barbell hip thrust

Straight-Arm Pulldown: I’d go with EZ bar pullovers

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EZ bar pullovers are a terrific exercise. I do them with DBs too sometimes, but that exercise has added noticeable thickness to my chest, lats, and triceps. Lot of bang for your buck in that one exercise.

Old school movement that you don’t see often anymore

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It is, and I think it has had such an effect because it works the muscles in a totally different way than my body was used to doing.