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Alternatives to Biotest Products

I’m 23, been training for about 2 years. I was introduced to T-Nation about a year back and i absolutely love the wealth of information and experience this site has to offer to n00bs (like me) and old timers alike.

I really envy the rest of you who have access to the awesome range of Biotest products. I’m from Singapore, and unfortunately I can’t get my hands on Surge, Spike etc… etc… It’s too expensive to import the stuff over.

So, i was wondering if there are any of you who are sort of facing the same dilemma as me. And what alternatives to Biotest or suggestions do you guys recommend.

Real food!

Dex, Malto, and hyrdrolyzed whey in the right ratio with a little added BCAAs mimics Surge almost exactly [except for the taste-it tastes like shit]. Don’t know if you have access to those.

You’ll be very hard-pressed to mimic Biotest’s more proprietary supplements. But you don’t need them to make great progress. They give you a nice edge. But you don’t need them.

Thanks for the replies guys