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Alternatives to Biotest ? Biotest Products in England?

The Biotest supplements look fantastic and as much as id love to buy them getting shipped over surly would be very expensive , i was just wondering if anybody english alternatives which could be used in place of the Biotest ?
OR any Uk suppliers of Biotest ?
maybe this has already been covered ? but im not sure
Any help would be fantastic


There are a few Biotest products kicking around on ebay UK, saw some Surge last time I was on there going for about £40. I don’t think there are any UK suppliers. It’s probably easier to use alternatives, personally I use CNP Pro Recover for my post workout shake and various different brands of whey protein and creatine. GNC is the best place to go as you can get 20% off all your purchases if you sign up for a store card, the next best is probably Holland and Barrat. Hope this helps

Myprotein.co.uk is my alternative for powders.

You can speak to LondonRunner on the site here, he get a lot of Biotest stuff from here for a small markup.

GNC is great . and Gold card is extremely helpful as a student, especially when a great store deal is on.
My only concern is how good the supplements are and maybe my store is fairly small one but i can never find a low carb protein , which is very annoying to say the least.
But thanks for you help will definitely check that site out and compare your protein to my current one.

although havnt found a fish oil as strong as Flameout yet either. which is anoying