Alternatives to Barbell Rows

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The Mighty Stu wrote:
While I’ve never felt comfortable with the supported row devices I’ve tried (they just hurt my chest), I have used dumbells while lying face down on an incline bench, and felt a great contraction from it. Didn’t have to go to heavy either.



This is an awesome variation.

I actually like to do straight arm rope pressdowns 1st, as a pre-exhaust, and then follow it up with this. Really great stuff!



When you do the straight arm rope pressdowns-- is that movement similar to straight arm pulldowns with a bar? Do you have one foot foreward and a neutral grip (ie palms facing each other) on the rope?

Yeah, it’s essentially the same movement (although I don’ty use a staggered stance). I just prefer the rope as I get a good stretch on top (hands come closer together), and feel a tighter contraction at the bottom (cn actually pull my arms a bit behind my torso and really ‘crunch’ everything up.


So, I did this combo today-- actually, I paired the Straight-Arm Rope Pulldowns with DB BO Rows, and Rope Face Pulls with Incline DB Rows (facedown).


You’re right about not having to go heavy. I dropped my weight significantly to keep good form and R.O.M.

ramirez - i had to completely give up back squats because my back will hurt EXCRUCIATINGLY bad for a week, its just not worth it, so i just do front squats, lunges, overhead squats, and leg presses. i cant do much weight at ALL because i also broke my t-9 a while back and didnt walk for months, so lost all leg strength.

and as for the tips everyone gave me, i really appreciate all the feedback. im going to just give them all a try and see which ones i like best, but i really like seated cable rows, they dont agitate my back and i can really feel every muscle in my back working, as opposed to when i do other row variations.

ive just always wanted a really bad ass looking, powerful back and since i pretty much had to cut off DLs, gotta find other ways to do it!

Yeah I really like the chest supported DB Row variation, especially since I strained my mid back, I can still work my lats and upper back without irritating the injury. I’ve been thinking of trying this with cables also.