Alternatives for Rowing Machine

The gym I workout at does not have a rowing machine and in CT’s body composition workout it has it implemented. What are some good alternatives to a rowing machine?

Cable machine row lel

Great call. I honestly didn’t even think of that. Thanks boss!

Tbh was kidding. If you don’t mind the stares and you have a machine that provides nice constant tension and can stand up to the punishment go ahead.

It’s older so I could but I could see it working. Would an elliptical be
close to the same thing since arm movement will be involved.

No idea what program you are on about so can’t speak to how appropriate a substitution it is. Can’t speak for CT either

It’s CTs Body Composition workout.

A cable station doesn’t work at all.

Elliptical doesn’t do the same thing, the resistance is not high enough but it’s better than nothing, but cannot be used with the same parameters as the rower.

Honestly the only thing that can compare with the rower is the ski ergometer. With everything else the program needs to be altered. One of the “less bad” options is KB swings with 250m on the rower being roughly equivalent to 45-60 seconds on swings

Thanks CT starting this on Monday!!! Pretty excited.

Pull a sled uphill, backwards, or you can attach a 30 yard rope to a sled 30 yards away, sit down and drag it toward you??