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Alternatives Excercises for Deadlifts....


I know this is probably a really noob question as i am one but what are some alternatives to deadlifts or are there any excercises I can do to work myself up to doing deadlifts? any help or advice would be much appreciated



It was one page back, dude.

Why "work yourself up to doing deadlifts"? Why not just do deadlifts?


Thanks for the reply it sure did help, I figured the only sure way was just to do them I've tried doing them on my own before maybe its probably the range of motion where it kind of wierds me out since im only just starting to do them and where i cant get into that rythym when im performing my reps another question i had was when i deadlift i also tend to feel pressure in my lower back area im sure its beacause of my form do you have any pointers i can use when i perform the excercise?


When i curl, i feel pressure in my biceps. likewise when i deadlift i feel it in my lower back. keep liftin nd you'll figure it out


A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is invaluable.


except with deadlifting you can actually fuck up your back if you are doing it wrong. this happened to me with squatting and by just doing my own thing I now have a nagging lower back injury. Without 3rd party guidance I would never have figured out what I was doing wrong

If you are not sure of your form or if you suspect the pressure you feel isn't normal, I strongly suggest you get your form checked either in person (if possible) or by posting a video. Text descriptions and advice often leave something out.


check out some rippettoe vids


pavel tsaltounie is great way to learn the theory behind squat and dl mechnics, read that shit and try his introductory exercises and you'll be better off for it. dling is much harder for me than squats, so good luck


Read this article brosif:



thanks for the great replys everybody its been really helpful now i have one more question what are your views on deadlifting with the hex bar?


thanks for all the helpful advice guys its really been educational now i have one final question what are your views on deadlifting with the hexbar?