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Alternative Workout For Sled Dragging?

Im doing DeFranco’s westside for skinny bastard II and its sled dragging leg workout for me on saturday, but i dont have one of these sleds. So is there an alternative workout i could do?

also, for most of these exercises where could i find out how to do them? the change of direction focus and linear focus on mondays and wednesday especially. thanx

Why did you start a program when you knew you didn’t have the equipment?

You can make a sort of sled with an exercise mat, rope and straps. Just put the plates on the mat, wrap rope around, and use straps.

cus the sled dragging isnt a part of it, its extra because theres only 1 leg day per week. so i want another leg day so im adding it like defranco said.

ok chimera, or is it possible to just use a normal wood sled and drag it in grass so it doesnt break? with weights on it.

or if all of it doesnt work, can i just repeat the other leg day so i have 2 leg days?

Drag a tire. Put a wooden platform in it and fill it with rocks.