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Alternative Ways to Get the Benefits of Fruits and Veggies? I have a unique situation...


Let me preface by saying that I know there is no TRUE replacement for fruits and veggies....and I know the entire "man up and eat your veggies!" mantra....but I just ask that you take this question with an open mind simply because I lost my colon within the last year and I'm still having trouble with certain foods....mainly fruits and veggies.

Any tips for me? I'm going to start by getting Biotest Superfood. I suppose a juicer is in order as well....but sadly enough I don't do so well with juices either.


Screw vegetables, bring on the heart disease!


yeah I was gonna suggest Superfood. If you dont do too well with fruits, veggies, or juices, what CAN you tolerate? then work from there.


I would suggest Superfood (I take it every day in my morning shake and its great) but I dont know exactly what you mean by "having trouble with certain foods"??

I would ask your doctor when you get a chance to see what he recommends for someone in your situation.